Ripcord Ace Standard

Ripcord Ace Standard photoThe new Ripcord ACE Standard provides all of the amazing innovation that is built into an ACE, but without the micro-adjustability.

Features include:

  • Adjustable offset containment arm that won’t interfere with the arrow.
  • Ultra-SlimeLine launcher that holds any arrow without touching the vanes.
  • Internal noise dampeners.
  • Posi-Lock mounting arm locks up against the back of the riser.
  • DoubleDown brake—the first dual brake system that ensures no launcher bounceback
  • Fulltime Arrow Containment ensures the arrow is always contained
  • RightTime fall-away perfectly tunes launcher fall-away
  • Soft, rubber over-molding eliminates the need for excess moleskin
  • ThumbCock launcher—allows someone to load an arrow and cock the rest with one hand.
  • 100 percent external Outboard Cord eliminates cord wear
  • FireFall design ensures the launcher only falls when the bow is fired, not when it’s let down.
  • Easy installation – “football” clip included

For more information visit Ripcord’s website.

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