Robinson Outdoors is introducing the Back to Main Street program in order to sell specific products to dealers only.Robinson Outdoors Back to Main Street Program

Grassroots dealers have been the basis of Robinson Outdoors/ScentBlocker for 38 years. Over the past decade mass merchants and big box stores, with their deep discounts and closeout pricing, have made business very difficult for independent dealers.

To show their ongoing support of every one of their dealers, Robinson is introducing the Back to Main Street program, which is designed to protect all of their dealers from the risk of lost sales and helps combat big box advertised discount pricing. This program features some of ScentBlocker’s best suits and camouflage patterns that are EXCLUSIVE to dealers only. These specific products are not for sale to anyone except dealers.

The Back to Main Street program guarantees all the features dealers need to be successful: hot new products, great prices, strong margins, in-store signage and merchandising displays, and a year-end cleanup program.

For 2016, it’s time for the dealers to reclaim the business that they’ve supported and grown for all these years.