Scent Crusher announces their “Gear Up, Scent Off, Game On!” sale.  This sale includes their most popular ozone items including; gear bags, travel closet, and Ozone Go Max through the end of December. Scent Crusher wanted to do something huge this fall and make it easier for everyone to pick up the leading products in scent control from Scent Crusher.

Scent Crusher gear bags and the closets are complete scent and bacteria elimination containment systems that are 100% chemical-free. Based on research from NASA, these systems were developed using an exceptionally effective Ozone Generator. Not only are odors and your perspiration absorbed into your gear, but so is the constant exposure to undesirable bacteria.

The Scent Crusher Gear Bags provide a quick and effortless way to eliminate all odor and bacteria with both a 110V AC cord and 12V car adapter included, ensuring your garments can be fresh no matter where you are. Just place your gear in the bag and set the timer. At home or when you get to your destination, get dressed and head right to your stand. The Scent Crusher Travel Closet can meet all the same needs with adjustable heavy-duty shelving and more overall storage for your gear. With the push of a button, you can clean, deodorize and extend the life of your gear all at once.

Highlights of the Gear Up, Scent Off, Game On sale include the chance to Save $50 on the Scent Crusher Gear Bag and spend $149.99, or save $100 on the Travel Closet and spend $149.99. Lastly, you can save $10 on the Ozone Go Max at $39.99 to get rid of lingering scents and eliminate bacteria by simply plugging in the Ozone Go into your vehicle’s 12V outlet. This sale only will go through December 31st, so get yours today!

Learn more at Scent Crusher’s website.