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Short’s Marine in Millsboro, Delaware, opened in 1949, and the archery division opened in 2008. Kelly Racz manages the archery division, and he has had great success working with national distributor, Kinsey’s, to keep his shop running smoothly. Racz has been an archery retailer since the 1980s. He enjoys working with manufacturers and the reps who visit his store. For the most part, though, Racz works with Kinsey’s to plan and stock his inventory. Why? He cites convenience, reliability and the business relationship he’s forged the past 20-plus years with Kinsey’s.
Short's Marine Kelly Racz

Bow Lines: Mathews, Mission, Bear, TenPoint, Wicked Ridge, Horton and Excalibur.

Arrow Lines: Easton, Beman, Gold Tip and Victory.

Short's Marine products

Shooting Lanes: Customers can test-shoot their bows in this 8-by-40-foot range that’s housed in a converted freight container.

Services: Short’s Archery offers a complete line of service and repairs for its customers.

Inside Numbers: Racz estimates that bowhunting generates more than 95 percent of the archery department’s revenues. “We’re primarily a bowhunting shop,” he said.

Short's Marine archery

Inside Archery: Why rely on a distributor to supply so much of your inventory?

Racz: “Loyalty and history. I’ve been in the industry more than 30 years, and I had another archery shop before I was absorbed into this one. I’ve been working with Kinsey’s more than 20 years, through good and bad. They’ve always supported us and found ways to help. They’ve bent over backward many times to help us. I’ll always remember that.”

Inside Archery: Loyalty counts for much, but can you put a price on it?

Racz: “I look at it like this: How much do you really save by going factory-direct on kisser buttons? If you buy 500 for a few cents cheaper, is it worth losing your relationship with the distributor over the extra profit? We put our cards on the table and find something that works for both of us. What you can’t do is put a dagger in someone’s back after they’ve helped you over and over again for 20 years.”

Between great customer service, detailed sales and order analysis, Racz wouldn’t give up his relationship with a distributor for anything! To read the rest of our interview with Racz and Short’s Marine, check out the July issue of Inside Archery or download the Inside Archery app for free for your Apple or Android device!

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