Slick Trick’s founder Gary Cooper has a commitment to creating and producing top-quality products that customers can rely on. Gary’s passion and experience in the outdoors and as a bowhunter shows in Slick Trick’s innovative technologies.

Slick Trick produces high-quality products that customers can rely on thanks to the innovations created by founder Gary Cooper. They offer broadheads using high-quality materials, tight tolerances and a ground-breaking design meant for 100% reliability and short blood trails.

Larry McCoy from The Outdoor Group discussed with Inside Archery the history of SlickTrick, and how the company builds upon years of expertise and innovation to bring their customers what they need in a constantly evolving sport. Gary Cooper began in the 1980s, with one thing in mind: the broadheads he used typically underperformed in areas such as accuracy, terminal performance, flight characteristics, dependability and strength, or that they were to long in length. With these things in mind, Gary developed a broadhead with a super-short ferrule that aligned well with the arrow shaft.

Since Cooper’s first design, Slick Trick is constantly improving their designs based off the customers’ wants and needs. Their goal is to build a quality tool that will help the hunter be successful. The All Steel Construction and the Alcatraz blade locking

system seemed to have produced excellent results because these broadheads are built to withstand the impact and hold together upon entry and exit. Slick Trick broadheads create both an entry and an exit hole to ensure a deathly shot, so you don’t have to second guess your shot anymore.

Slick Trick is dedicated to their customers and care about their needs. Feedback on their broadheads is always encouraged, good or bad, because customer feedback is crucial to their research and development process in designing new models. Learn more at Slick Trick’s website.