Steambow has reinvented crossbow cocking and decocking with their innovative rapid cocking system. This system turns a conventional crossbow into a compact, fast, and considerably safer self-cocking crossbow. It is powered by high-pressure air stored in small, light HPA tanks that have been used in paintball for decades. These refillable tanks offer high energy density, are proven to be extremely safe, and can survive extremely rough treatment. The Steambow is very robust and easy to use with a main valve that controls the cocking function. Quick-release pins are used to fold the limbs alongside the stock in seconds for easy, compact transportation and zero risk of discharge. Not only can you silently cock your crossbow within one second, but you can also relax the limbs if need be. Made of high-quality aluminum alloys on state-of-the-art CNC machines, the Steambow system ensures high performance and durability.


  • Collapsable for easier transport
  • Silent Cocking
  • Rapid fire with quacking cocking abilities
  • Enhanced safety for cocking and de-cocking crossbows
  • Safe loaded storage
  • Tool-free string replacement
  • Longer life of the limbs of conventional crossbows
  • Precision manufacturing with high-quality aluminum alloys

How does it work?

                Step 1: Lock the limbs into firing position.

                Step 2: Hook the string into the latch.

                Step 3: Simply screw the tank into the tank connector.

                Step 4: Load a bolt.

                Step 5: Press the knob on the main valve to cock the Steambow and make it ready to fire

                Step 6: The Steambow is now cocked and ready to fire.

For more information, please visit Steambow’s website.