“Innovation… 40 Years in the Making”

Tim Strickland of Strickland’s Archery has spent the past 40 years growing his love for archery and developing a passion towards helping others have success in the sport as well. Tim’s success in the industry grew as did his love for the sport, which eventually manifested itself into the Helix Arrowhead. 

Strickland’s Archery set out to create a lethal broadhead with high-quality performance in mind and what resulted was perfection. The Helix broadhead is a single-bevel head, which keeps the arrow in a steady rotation even upon impact. The bevel-induced rotation allows this broadhead to cause massive bone breaks, especially in heavier bone. The aerodynamic single-bevel design creates stability during flight due to steerage from the front. Strickland’s unique sharpening process forces the Helix to rotate during flight further increasing arrow stability and rotation upon impact. This means superior penetration and massive wound channels. 

The Helix is constructed of .062-inch-thick stainless steel honed to a razor’s edge. This thicker design encourages penetration and increased bone splitting. The revolutionary Helix Arrowhead is built to accentuate consistent arrow rotation. To best take advantage of that, the Helix is designed for either left- or right-wing fletched arrows in 125 to 200 sizes. 

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