Sweet Sling makes it convenient to free up your hands during a hunt. This harness was developed and created by Boyd Leach. Boyd has been a lifetime hunter and strives to improve hunting experiences. He has developed a high-quality bow and crossbow harness to help free up your hands during any difficult hunt or situation leaving your bow or crossbow safely secured and ready to shoot.

Licensed through Mossy Oak, this bow harness will keep users hunt-ready at all times. It has a quick disconnect feature, and an arrow can stay safely pre-knocked while attached to the harness. When an opportunity presents itself, users can activate the quick release and shoot effortlessly. The Sweet Sling is composed of high-quality neoprene with a slip-proof grip for optimal use. It comes in two models: the Sweet Sling I for compound bow models and the Sweet Sling II for crossbow models. This patented product is taking the archery world by storm with its split-second release, high-quality construction, ease of use, and its ability to free up your hands. No more reaching for your bow and getting busted.


  • Frees up hands
  • Clips directly to your loop
  • Keep arrow knocked at all times
  • Split second release
  • High quality neoprene
  • Slip proof grip

Learn more by visiting Sweet Sling’s website.