hunting gear

WebXtra September: Scent Lures & Killers

By Patrick Meitin Get the drop on big game by adopting the latest scent products. Despite exceptional eyesight and fair hearing, big-game animals ultimately operate and survive with their noses. White-tailed deer, in particular, locate and keep track of one another, and communicate with other deer through an array of glandular secretions and urine. All…

Killer Packs

Packs are the only feasible way to haul gear and accessories to and from the field, and they’ve advanced greatly over the past decade. Here are some of the latest options to get you—and your gear—where you’re going. (more…)

Beman Introduces the Pork Chop

With exploding feral pig populations, hog hunting has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the sporting industry. Beman designed the new Pork Chop arrow to specifically appeal to those hug hunters. The Pork Chop features a reduced diameter, heavy-duty carbon design to slip right through tough hog hide. There are two configurations of the…

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