The 2016 Toxin Crossbow from Darton Archery

Darton ArcheryPress Release from Darton Archery:

Darton’s 2016 Crossbow lineup features a completely new series named the Toxin. All Toxin crossbows feature Darton’s patented compact tactical bullpup stock design. Toxin Crossbows are engineered with safety first featuring a more than adequate finger protection.

Each Toxin Series model includes:
Dry Fire Prevention System
Trackless aluminum barrel design
Patented Barrel Dampener and 
Suppression System

The only sound you hear is your arrow hitting the target.

Darton Toxin 180
Darton Toxin 180

Do you have a need for speed? The Toxin 180 is one of the fastest crossbows on the market shooting a 400 grain arrow at 400+ fps. These are realistic speeds, not inflated speed by using a light weight arrow. Darton’s Patented DualSync Cam System powers this 18″ power stroke beast as it groups arrows that are so tight you better not aim at the same place twice.

Darton Toxin 150
Darton Toxin 150

“Wow” is commonly said after shooting the all new Toxin 150. It is mind blowing how a short, well balanced crossbow can shoot 380 fps with a 15″ power stroke and be so quiet. The narrow limb configuration allows maneuverability in any hunting environment and the looks of the Toxin will make your friends envious.

Darton Toxin 135
Darton Toxin 135

The Toxin 135 is the shortest of the Toxin Series with no short comings. The 13.5″ power stroke delivers arrows at an eye popping 350 fps, real fast for a 13.5″ power stroke. It features an auto engage safety which is activated as the bow is cocked preventing any misfires from occurring. The center of balance feels optimum when holding either the SS or XT version. It is the lightest and narrowest of the Toxin Series, great for tree stands or ground blinds.

All of the Toxin Series crossbows are offered in 2 models: Next G-1 Vista Camo with a standard Forearm (SS) or Carbon Black with a TAC (XT) front end that includes an adjustable vertical grip.

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