The Archery Zone strives to provide their customers with service that big box stores simply cannot. They are locally owned and operated, and offer full services including string replacement and bow tuning; bow, crossbow, and arrow repair; and archery lessons. Inventory in this shop includes brands such as Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, TenPoint, Excalibur, Ravin, Easton, Beman, and Gold Tip.

The Archery Zone staffs three full-time employees and three part-time workers to manage their 2,000-square-foot sales floor and the 1,000 square feet devoted to 10 yard archery lanes. Tony Tazza, the shop’s current owner, estimated that about 70% of the shop’s revenue comes from bowhunting gear sales. Service work, lessons and recreational gear account for the rest.

Tony Tazza purchased The Archery Zone in 2017, and has put all of his experience and knowledge into the shop to grow it to its max potential. Tazza worked as a Hoyt rep for about 11 years, and had traveled to many shops in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. He was able to pick out successful as well as unsuccessful aspects of each shop, and apply his knowledge into The Archery Zone. He also learned about the mechanics of Hoyt bows, which in turn are similar to other compounds. Tony Tazza also has experience in a Pro, Semi-Pro, and Senior-Pro IBO international competitions, winning IBO World Championship, IBO Triple Crown, and Shooter of the Year for ASA and IBO. Tazza’s experience in the field makes him passionate about his shop, the sport and teaching others about the industry and archery itself. It makes him a passionate coach, excited to see others succeed.

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