The Bow Rack first opened its doors in 1971 in Springfield, Oregon, and since then has built a 6,800-square-foot building which hosts a giant selection of some of the finest archery equipment available on the market. This building includes 4,000 square feet devoted to shooting lanes and about 2,400 square feet devoted to the sales floor. Wayne and Lisa Endicott, along with their family have owned and operated the Bow Rack for over 29 years with their passion for archery as the foundation to their success. After growing up hanging out at the Bow Rack, Wayne decided to purchase the shop, then hand-built his building on his newly purchased property. In 1999, the archery shop became successful enough to be able to move into the large facility they are currently in; that’s when everything began to change. By 2004, the archery industry in the West was booming, and the shop has been very successful since.

The Bow Rack not only offers top-notch archery equipment, but they also offer bow tuning, an indoor archery range, lessons, and leagues. This shop typically carries many leading brands including PSE, Hoyt, Matthews, Mission, Xpedition, Gold Tip, Easton, and Beman. Nearly 93% of the shop’s revenue comes directly from bowhunting gear sales, while the other 7% is accounted for by the Target gear sold.

The Bow Rack is extremely passionate about their customer service base and their services provided. “When somebody comes in and buys a bow from us,” Wayne explains, “we make sure we take every step to get that bow perfectly tuned.” The Bow Rack strives to be as loyal as possible to their customers and provide knowledgeable employees. The shooting range in the Bow Rack includes many bows to rent, including many newer compounds to entice sales, and quality targets. Customers have an all-out great experience at the Bow Rack because they are in such good hands in terms of quality products, a great shooting range, and experienced employees. This archery shop is dedicated to providing everything the archer could possibly need, and they confirm their loyalty through excellent customer service. This drives customers back into their shop the next time someone needs new accessories, bow tuning, advice, etc.

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