Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer

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Just because it’s the offseason doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of work to do to ensure a successful hunting season. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the industry’s most innovative and bestselling food-plot seeds and mineral supplements.

Ani-Logics Outdoors—Ani-Block

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Ani-Logic AniBlock

Ani-Logics Ani-Block was designed to give deer what nature doesn’t always provide.  It offers key vitamins and chelated minerals like copper, zinc, selenium and manganese.  It’s formulated with exclusive, proprietary Ani-Shield TX4 technology.  Ani-Block is also designed to support the immune system and antler growth, and is veterinarian approved.

Learn more at Ani-Logics’s website.

Big & J Industries—The CUBE 

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Big & J CUBE

The CUBE is essentially a compressed form of BB2 that was designed to offer more protein and less salt than other consumption blocks and last longer in the field.

It’s well suited for:

  • Hard-to-reach spots – if a stand is too remote to replenish with BB2 regularly, the CUBE is a great answer. Like BB2, it will attract deer from far and wide while providing the nutrients and protein that deer desire.
  • Hunting mature bucks – minimizing activity is crucial when hunting mature whitetail bucks. Because the CUBE lasts longer, it will help hunters limit the amount of movement in the area, yet makes sure the buck has a reason to keep coming back.
  • Long-distance hunting – many hunters don’t live where they hunt, so they can’t check BB2 sites as often as those who do. The CUBE is perfect for this situation, since it ensures deer always have a reason to return.

Learn more at Big & J’s website.


Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Evolved alpha plot


AlphaPlot is a premium blend of perennial and annual forages that produce a high protein, ultra palatable forage. The hybrid alfalfa and chicory are both heat and drought tolerant, making them extremely adaptable—even in the deep south. The addition of T-Raptor (rape/ turnip hybrid) makes AlphaPlot versatile and appealing.

Coverage: 1/3 acre; 15,000 sq ft

Contents: Hybrid Alfalfa, Clover, Chicory, T-Raptor

Learn more at Evolved’s website.

Extreme Hunting Solutions—Big Buck Mineral Stick N Lick Screw-In Deer Pop

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Stick N Lick Screw-In Deer Pop 2


The Big Buck Mineral Stick N Lick Screw-In Deer Pop uses new Vasodilator technology to enlarges blood vessels, allowing for the maximum absorption of all vitamins & minerals.

Key features include:

  • Chelated minerals and vitamins to maximize antler growth
  • Helps when does are lactating
  • Improves the total health of the herd
  • Guaranteed to last 2-3 times longer than other brands
  • Patented weather shield® protects Stick-N-Lick from rain, sleet and snow.


Calcium (Ca), Minimum 5.7%

Calcium (Ca), Maximum 6.8%

Phosphorus (P), Minimum 6.00%

Salt (NaCI), Minimum 5.9%

Salt (NaCI), Maximum 7.0%

Potassium (K), Minimum 1.00%

Iron (Fe), Minimum 3,000 ppm

Zinc (Zn), Minimum 1,500 ppm

Magnesium (Mg), Minimum 1.00%

Copper (Cu), Minimum 300 ppm

Cobalt, Minimum 11 ppm

Iodine (I), Minimum 50 ppm

Selenium (Se), Minimum 4 ppm

Vitamin A, Minimum 50,000 I. Units/lb

Vitamin D, Minimum 10,000 I. Units/lb

Vitamin E, Minimum 200 I. Units/lb

Moisture Max 5.00%

Dry Matter Min 95%


High Fructose Corn Syrup, Monocalcium Phosphate, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Vitamin E Supplement, Manganese Sulfate, Ethylenediamine Dihydroiodide, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Cobalt Sulfate, Magnesium Mica, Natural Spices and Natural Extracts.

Learn more at Extreme Hunting Solutions’s website.

Heartland Wildlife Institute—Rack Maker Extreme

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Heartland Wildlife Institute—Rack Maker Extreme

Rack Maker Extreme is designed to be planted in the early fall as a fall/winter food plot. It will also serve extremely well as a hunting plot. Rack Maker Extreme is a blend of winter oats, winter rye and forage soybeans and three brassicas: a hybrid turnip, forage rape and purple top turnips. The frost tolerant ingredients in this mix offer a different peak attraction period, providing deer activity through all hunting seasons.

25 lb bag seeds 1/2 acre

*fall planting recommended

Learn more at the Heartland Wildlife Institute’s website.

Check out the Rack Maker Extreme online.

Killer Food Plots—Border Patrol

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Killer Food Plots—Border Patrol

KFP Border Patrol blend is a mixture of sweet sorghum, Sudan grass, winter peas, and forage soybeans. It’s high in protein and very palatable. Border patrol creates an 8-10 ft. wall of cover that minimizes predation on fawns while allowing your deer to quickly escape and quickly navigate in and out of the food plot at will. It promotes deer movement in and out of the food plot throughout the day. This soft edge provides a sense of security to the deer, keeping them calm to provide the hunter with an advantage to harvest the particular animal they are looking for.


Sweet sorghum, Sudan grass, winter peas, and forage soybeans.


Spring or summer. Ground temperatures at night must be at least 60 degrees fahrenheit.


10lbs – Plants 1 acre perimeter or solid 1/2 acre.

Killer Food Plots website

Mossy Oak Bio LogicClover Plus 

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Mossy Oak Bio Logic

Clover is one of the most effective plants for attracting both whitetail and turkey. Clover Plus—a perennial blend of New Zealand Red and White clovers with a successful varieties of chicory—it designed to turn that attraction into an obsession. New Zealand clover has been genetically developed to produce larger, more succulent leaves and thinner stems for higher nutritional value and improved digestibility. The chicory provides appealing forage during critical months of whitetail growth and development. Both clover and chicory are extremely hardy and drought-resistant, yielding consistent production through the hot months of summer. It’s a combination of high nutrition, delicious taste and robust growth that deer can’t resist.

Check out the Clover Plus online.

Learn more at Plant Biologic’s website.

Moultrie—ATV Spreader—Electronic Feed Gate

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: ATV Spreader – Electronic Feed Gate

The ATV Spreader was designed to take the hard work out of food plot planting with a convenient electric feed gate. One can effortlessly spread up to 100 pounds of seed with the push of a button.

It has a rust-proof plastic hopper, features a tapered design for complete seed unloading and a quick-release system for easy detachment when the job is done. Universal mounting brackets make this electric food plot spreader compatible with most ATV models while a handheld controller allows for the dispensing of different types of seed and fertilizer. By adding Moultrie’s UTV/ATV/Truck Spreader Conversion Bracket, you can spread seed or feed corn from the convenience of your UTV, ATV or truck.

Key features include:

  • Handheld controller regulates seed/fertilizer dispense rates with 6 different settings
  • Heavy-duty 12-volt motor, secure-fitting easy on/off lid, 60% larger deflection shield
  • Built-in quick-release system for easy detachment
  • Universal mounting bracket compatible with most ATVs
  • Ratchet strap included

Learn more at Moultrie’s website.

Trophy Rock – All Natural Mineral Lick

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer: Trophy Rock

With 65 natural macro and micro trace minerals, Trophy Rock improves antler growth and over-all herd health. It also attracts and holds deer on hunting property. It is a great scouting tool when used in combination with trail cameras.

Deer will find your Trophy Rock the first time they walk downwind from a site, so it’s a good idea to place it near a well-used trail or at an intersection.

It’s good to replace the Trophy Rock when it is about the size of your fist. Deer will keep coming back even after the rock is gone but they get more benefit when they can lick directly on a Trophy Rock instead of scraping the ground for minerals that have leeched into the surrounding soil.

Learn more at Trophy Rock’s website.

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