Total Peep has Redesigned the Peep Sight to Enhance Accuracy

Most hunters have experienced difficulties in aiming with a peep sight with difficult lighting conditions or when the peep rotates. For this reason, Total Peep has redesigned the peep sight to allow you to always see a perfect black inner circle to aim with extreme accuracy in any light condition. Total Peep has a light blocking design calculated to prevent and block any light reflection from both the rear and front end of the peep. In addition, this peep sight prevents impact shifts when the string length changes due to variables such as temperature. It is constructed to withstand up to 40 degrees of peep rotation without inner circle distortion. Total Peep has many sizes for the needs of any bowhunter, and they have a nifty table showing the measurements of the inner circle of the peep to help find the perfect size.

Learn more at Total Peep’s website.

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