David Vogrin, director of marketing for Trophy Ridge, took Inside Archery behind the scenes to discuss the consumer-focused drive behind Trophy Ridge and their new React Technology. Trophy Ridge is one of the leading manufacturers of archery accessories, and is intensely focused on developing the most innovative and useful accessories to hunters. The Whisker Biscuit is a prime example of Trophy Ridge’s premium  accessories, as it is the most widely used arrow rest in archery. The Whisker biscuit has been a huge driving force in the industry, and is great for archers of all levels.

React Technology, on the other hand, is a game changer. This new React Technology allows you to sight in two distances, and the other pins automatically align to the proper distances. Sighting has never been so easy, fast and precise. Trophy Ridge offers multiple sights with react technology, some of them reaching under $100. Whether you are a single-pin person or you like multiple pins, Trophy Ridge offers a variety of React Technology sights available for any hunter.

Learn more about React Technology on Trophy Ridge’s Website.