T.R.U. Ball Archery and Axcel Sights announced their new line: the RubberNeck, BlackNite, Sweet Spot Pro, and Accu-Stat Scopes (3-pin and 5-pin).

The RubberNeck
This release features a 10° swivel head for less torque. The ThermaDynamic rubber sleeve and thumb grip lets you keep a grip on your shots while eliminating the feeling of grabbing cold metal during a late season hunt. The head also swivels back and tucks into your sleeve for quiet climbing into your treestand and it’s less in your way when you’re headed to and from your stand or spotting and stalking.


 The Sweet Spot Pro
T.R.U. Ball took the Sweet Spot II and gave it a makeover. Similar to its predecessor, the Sweet Spot Pro allows you to draw without holding the back part of the handle forward and gives you the same amount of travel every time you press the thumb activator. Made from solid brass and 3 interchangeable aircraft aluminum handle pieces (included in the package), this release can be customized for how you like to shoot without buying an entire new release.


The Abyss and FulKrum by Jesse Broadwater have been some of the most popular brass handles on the market and by popular demand they will now be made in 4 finger models. These releases can be used interchangeably to switch immediately from pure back tension to a thumb trigger because they are based on the same handle platform with the same handle and draw length.


 The BlackNite
This release features the ThermaDynamic rubber sleeve and thumb grip to keep a grip on your release while eliminating the feeling of cold metal on those freezing mornings in the treestand. It’s made in 4 different colors to match your terrain or your style. Flip it back to tuck it into your sleeve when you’re headed to and from your stand and adjust draw length quickly and easily.


The AccuTouch Sight with new 3 and 5 Pin AccuStat Scopes
The Accutouch Single pin Slider with the patent pending Accu-Clicks that stop the slider at specific yardages can now be ordered with the new Accu-Stat 3 or 5 pin heads or purchased separately for your existing AccuTouch sight.

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