T.R.U. Ball Industry 5Q

In the T.R.U. Ball Industry 5Q, Brandon Reyes discussed the technology and processes that T.R.U. Ball employ each year when creating new releases. As luck would have it, their new 2017 line was just unveiled. It includes:




This dual-caliper release features a 440 hardened stainless steel roller sears, ergonomic trigger, easy draw-length adjustment, and the popular Globo-Swivel strap connector, which reduces torque and folds into your sleeve.



This single-caliper release has the new Jaw-and-a-Half Design, which is a floating half-jaw with the perfect inside curve for a smooth release and micro-adjustment to account for different rope loop materials. The VALOR also features 440 hardened stainless steel roller sears, an ergonomic trigger and the Globo-Swivel strap connector.

Here’s T.R.U. Ball’s quick video overview: https://www.facebook.com/truballarchery/videos/1403390419672208/


On the target side of things, Jesse Broadwater introduced his T.R.U. Ball Signature Series: the Abyss Flex and FulKrum Flex.

The Abyss Flex is a thumb activated release, and the FulKrum Flex is a trigger-less back-tension release with a micro-adjustable sear. They both feature all new handle adjustments, four possible head locations in the lever alignment system, and 30 degrees of radial adjustment in each finger grip location. The Fulkrum Flex also features individual travel and sensitivity adjustments.

FulKrum Flex

Abyss Flex

Here’s Jesse Broadwater’s video unveiling for the extended rundown: https://www.facebook.com/JesseTheFreakshowBroadwater/videos/688046268020657/