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Carbon XS Xtreme sightTRUGLO® Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most advanced line of sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry introduces the next generation of carbon composite archery sight, the CARBON XS™ XTREME.

CARBON XS™ XTREME is perfect for any aspiring bowhunter. This new take on the popular CARBON XS™ comes to the market with fresh new technology requested by avid hunters. The ultra-lightweight carbon composite 5-pin sight weighs less than 4.2 ounces and is equipped with more features than ever before, including a longer mounting bracket (for a longer sight radius), extended windage and elevation adjustments, larger aperture and PRO-BRITE™ Pin Technology for pins that are brighter and stronger than ever before.

Utilizing TRUGLO’s unique TRU-FLO™ fiber design, this sight provides extra-long fibers for maximum brightness. The reversible bracket provides greater vertical adjustability and is adjustable for left and right-handed shooters. CARBON XS™ XTREME is outfitted with a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring aligned with the outer aperture ring for improved peep alignment. To round out the extensive list of features, the TRU-TOUCH™ Soft-feel technical coating was added to help decrease noise and vibration.

CARBON XS™ is a go-to sight for intermediate-level archers looking to upgrade their bow sight, specifically focusing on accuracy, dependability, and a lightweight design.

CARBON XS™ XTREME is available in Black, Xtra™, APC™ Pink, LOST™, and LOST™ AT finishes. MSRP is $47 for black and $60 for camo models. Product is available for purchase at shooting sports retailers and at TRUGLO’s website.

· Ultra-lightweight carbon-composite construction – weighs less than 4.2 oz.
· TRU-FLO™ Fiber Design
· Unique PRO-BRITE™ pin design for increased durability and brightness
· Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness
· Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability
· Adjustable for left and right-handed shooters
· Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring is aligned with the outer aperture ring for improved peep alignment
· TRU-TOUCH™ Soft-feel technical coating

For more information about CARBON XS™ XTREME or other TRUGLO® products, visit TRUGLO’s website.

About TRUGLO®:


TRUGLO® is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the archery industry. Born through innovation, TRUGLO® continually enhances the marketplace with advanced and revolutionary technology for shooters of all types. Based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO® is a world-wide brand celebrating over 20 years of offering cutting-edge optics and equipment to shooters who are passionate about quality and clarity.
Giving back to an industry they love, TRUGLO® is involved with many conservation groups, youth programs, and organizations that promote the values they believe are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future. TRUGLO® — When Brightness Counts!