Using the revolutionary and proven limb-driven system that has set and raised the bar in containment-style fall-away rests, Vapor Trail introduces the Gen 7! This rest has a new side-load, full-capture cage system that utilizes a carbon-core technology. This new system creates a stronger and lighter containment system, and the entire rest weighs a mere 2.9 oz. The Gen 7 also is one of the lightest, fully-machined aluminum rests available in its class.

Vapor trail didn’t stop there with the impressive technology that comes standard on the Gen 7. There are even lighter, bow-specific models made to precisely fit certain popular bow models weighing only 2.5 oz. 100% made in USA as always, the Gen 7 will not disappoint!


  • Original limb driven system with a redesigned bushing system for smoother operation
  • Carbon fiber containment system with a rubber overmold
  • Rubber overmold is pass-throughto dampen sound and vibrations
  • Side loading gate that will fit nearly any size arrow
  • Interchangeable containment system for personal customization
  • Only the top limb activates the rest
  • Easy to operate with no gears, locks, levers, switches, etc.

Learn more at Vapor Trail’s website or click here to see it in Inside Archery‘s digital magazine.