Hoyt Archery Vegas 2016

Photo Credit: Hoyt Archery

What happens in Vegas sometimes wins you $50,000.

National Field Archery Association Vegas

National Field Archery Association

The 50th annual Vegas Shoot just wrapped up and it set the bar for attendance, with over 3,000 shooters from across the globe. Three tense days of shooting yielded some interesting results. The most interesting perhaps being that this year saw a remarkably low number of perfect scores, possibly due to the stress caused by a massive payout of $50,000 and a huge, enthusiastic crowd.

On day 1 alone only 38 archers ended with perfect scores, as compared to 49 in 2015, 46 in 2014, and 42 in 2013. As the weekend progressed the numbers continued to drop until only 5 shooters remained.

This year the 900 Club comprised of: Chance Beaubouef, Justin Hannah, Logan Wilde, Reza Zamaninejad and George Ryals. They were also joined by Sergio Pagni, the ‘lucky dog’ shooter who scored an almost perfect 899.

The 50th Vegas Shoot was given another moment for the record books as ‘lucky dog’ Sergio Pagni beat out the 5 previously-perfect shooters for the championship, marking the first time in the Vegas Shoot’s entire history that a ‘lucky dog’ won the competition.

Sergio Pagni winning $50,000

“Lucky dog” Sergio Pagni – Photo Credit: World Archery

On the women’s side of the freestyle finals there were three archers that remained: Inge van Caspel, who came all the way from the Netherlands, and American archers Sarah Lance and Christie Colin. Ultimately Inge van Caspel won with a score of 29, the other two scoring 28 and 27.

Van Caspel of T.R.U. Ball Archery

Van Caspel • T.R.U. Ball Archery

Other notable victories include:

Brady Ellison from USA Archery

Brady Ellison • USA Archery

Brady Ellison (USA), who won the gold for men’s recurve;


Khatuna Lorig of USA Archery

Khatuna Lorig • USA Archery

Khatuna Lorig (USA), who won the gold for women’s recurve;


Jesse Broadwatter of Archery 360

Jesse Broadwatter • Archery 360

Jesse Broadwatter (USA), who won the gold for men’s compound;


Sarah Holst Sonnichsen

Sarah Holst Sonnichsen • rchers.com

and Sarah Holst Sonnichsen (Denmark), who won the gold for women’s compound.



All in all it was an amazing competition. Let’s see if we can break more records next year!

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