If you’re looking for a roundup of Victory Archery’s latest arrow catalog, look no further! Check out 2016’s newest releases below!

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2016 VAP TKO


  • Ultra-small diameter arrow
  • Features Victory Archery’s MaxxKe Technology to resist the twisting forces generated during the shot cycle
  • Engineered for maximum penetration and kinetic energy
  • A higher grain weight than the original VAP
  • Two models available: the Gamer and the Sport

The RIP XV Extreme Velocity Hunting shaft

RIP XV Extreme Velocity Hunting shaft

  • Small diameter arrow
  • Engineered for maximum speed and long range performance
  • Spine aligned to improve accuracy
  • 100% high modulus carbon fiber and hand fletched
  • Three models available: the Elite, the Gamer, and the Sport

The 3DHV


  • A hybrid suited for hunting and 3D archery
  • Perfect for unmarked yardage
  • Two models available: the Elite and the Sport

GenX Ready to Shoot Junior Arrow

GenX Ready to Shoot Junior Arrow

  • Standard diameter
  • Created in conjunction with Mathews and Mission archery in support of NASP
  • Perfect entry-level arrow for youth archers

The NVX 23, NVX 25, NVX 25HV, and the NVX 27 target series arrows

  • NVX 23 – 0350” outside diameter, unmatched stability, amazing flight characteristics
  • NVX 23
  • NVX 25 – ideal for competitive archers, long range accuracy, flat trajectory
  • NVX 25
  • NVX 25HV – 6.2 grains per inch
  • NVX 25HV
  • NVX 27 – large diameter competition arrow (0.421”), unbelievable accuracy
  • NVX 27

All of Victory Archery’s new arrows are available with Ice coating on the Elite and Gamer models. This “ICE” coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets.

We the People arrow

We the People arrowVictory Archery also surprised a few lucky ATA Trade Show Attendees with an awesome collectors’ edition arrow that has the constitution written on it. This red white and blue arrow is about as American as it gets.

For more information visit Victory Archery’s website.