Wild Carrot Scents sells urine-based single-use deer attractants, and the company will have synthetic versions coming soon. Wild Carrot Scents was founded by Barry Smith, who considers the company an extension of his own hunting experience. Smith has a long history of hunting deer with the use of deer urine and glandular extracts as attractants and cover, but he eventually got tired of the messes that are prone to occur when urine is stored in a bottle.

Smith and the Wild Carrot Scent team designed a scent system that allows hunters to use the highest quality deer urines without having the scents come in direct contact with the hunter. The system worked incredibly well for their family and friends, so they decided to patent it and bring it to the hunting public. Wild Carrot Scents currently offers four different varieties of deer scent.

“We are family owned and operated,” Smith said. “I’m very particular about my hunting gear, and especially the scents that I use personally. The scent system we sell is exactly the same as when I was making them for my own personal use. The urine is refrigerated as soon as it is collected, and it’s refrigerated in transport and even after packaging. Our patented packaging system keeps it fresh much longer than anything else out there, and our products today are far better than I ever thought possible when I first started looking for a better way to use deer attractants. In short, it’s a custom made system that everyone now has access to.”

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