J.H. Nicholson, Inc., a Manufacturers Representative Organization that covers the states of MI, OH, and IN, has received a multi-generational service award from Wildlife Research Center, Inc.

J.H. Nicholson began as Manufacturer Representatives for Wildlife Research Center® way back in June of 1988.  That’s 30 Years and is the longest run of any Manufacturers Representatives that Wildlife Research Center® has worked with!

Back then, John Nicholson was the president of J.H. Nicholson, Inc. and John Burgeson was the president of Wildlife Research Center, Inc.  Now, George Nicholson and Sam Burgeson, respectively, are both sons of the earlier presidents and are now the current presidents in each of their companies.

The two companies, and the two families, have worked together continuously for 30 years.  Both companies delivered high levels of performance over the years, and experienced very positive business results.  After 3 decades, these companies are going stronger than ever.

J.H. Nicholson is still working hard at getting more Wildlife® products on the shelves at many fine retail locations and Wildlife Research Center® has been helping hunters fill tags for 35 years!

For more information on the entire line of scent elimination products and hunting lures, visit Wildlife Research Center Inc.’s website.