PSE Archery RDX 400 Crossbow Review

PSECrossbow expert Jeff Johnston was at a Colorado elk camp when he pulled the PSE RDX 400 out of its box for his official review. The first thing he noticed was its large, robust nature. A crossbow like that isn’t the easiest thing to carry for extended periods of time, but it also generally implies that the crossbow is durable and packs a punch. It took about 30 minutes to assemble the crossbow for the review, which included mounting the scope, stirrup and quiver; and anchoring the riser to the machined-aluminum barrel via a bored cross-bolt.

The PSE RDX 400 was put through the gauntlet for Jeff Johnston’s review process. Like Johnston’s other reviews, each aspect of the crossbow was closely inspected for safety, durability and efficiency. The dry-fire safety system was tested (inadvertently, as it turns out). The sound produced by firing the crossbow was measured, and of course, the speed and accuracy of the PSE RDX 400 were put to the test. After all, once you establish that a crossbow is safe, what else matters more than shootability and power?


As Jeff’s crossbow review showed, PSE’s RDX 400 is a top-tier crossbow when it comes to speed and accuracy. Like many crossbows, PSE’s RDX 400 has its guaranteed speed in its name, and it delivers. Johnston described the arrows as a blur, at best. The PSE RDX 400 is also one of the most accurate crossbows that Jeff Johnston—a seasoned archery and firearm expert—has ever reviewed. That alone should speak volumes. The RDX 400 comes with everything you need to head right out into the woods, namely a top-of-line scope, sling, three Thunder Boltz, decocking arrow, pull rope cocker, optional crank cocker, and an excellent padded case. Learn more about PSE’s RDX 400 at, or stop by your local archery shop to try this crossbow out for yourself.

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