Revolutionary Blinds

Hunting with a blind can make things quite a bit easier to make that perfect shot. You set up in a dense cover that blends with the environment and makes you virtually disappear to your prey. Check out these revolutionary ground blinds on the market.

Rhino Blinds – Bone Collector 150

Rhino Blinds has emerged as an affordable but effective brand in portable blinds, and the new Bone Collector 150 edition is an extension of the popular lineup. The Bone Collector edition Rhino 150 offers a budget-priced ground blind option that’s complete with quality and high-end features. The lightweight Rhino 150 sets up quickly and easily, but is large enough to comfortably host up to three hunters and all their gear. The blind is available in Realtree Edge or Timber camo patterns to blend into any terrain or vegetation type. The experienced Bone Collector crew helped develop its many hunt-friendly features, so hunters can concentrate wholly on the hunt. Learn more at Rhino Ground Blinds’ website.

Ghostblinds – Predator

GhostBlind designs are nothing short of revolutionary. They use patented, reflective panels to mimic any surrounding and blend seamlessly. Blind panels tilt outward to reflect the ground, eliminating sun reflection and preventing game from seeing their own reflection. For 2019 GhostBlind introduced the GhostBlind Phantom, which was designed specifically for crossbow hunters. The GhostBlind Phantom is constructed with waterproof and shatterproof polypropylene. Its compact, accordion-like design and 10-pound weight makes it easy to transport, and set up requires less than a minute. An anchor kit is included. Hunters sit low to the ground on a turkey chair and shoot through any of five shooting ports. Several accessory options are offered, including Height Extenders and Back Pack. Learn more at Ghostblinds’ website.

Slayer Blinds – Archery Blind

Slayer hard-sided blinds are a modular design with five LP Smartside side panels, and its floor and roof sections are assembled with a standard 9/16-inch wrench. This makes them easy to transport anywhere on a hunting property with a 4×4 truck, ATV or boat. If a wall panel is damaged, then individual panels are available for order. The blind holds grey-tint, marine-grade glass windows that won’t warp or scratch during cleaning. The all-aluminum frame will not rust or rot in wet conditions, and the one-piece thermal-formed plastic roof has no seams, so it will not leak under heavy rain or snow. The five-sided, 6-foot, 6-inch pentagon floor plan allows hunters to cover multiple shooting lanes, and the fully carpeted walls and floor are quiet and provide cold-weather warmth. The blind has a lockable 30-by-69-inch aluminum door and 500-pound weight. It can be set on the ground or atop a 5- or 7-foot Slayer Tower. Users can also place it on a 7- or 10-foot Universal Tower via included aluminum base plates. Learn more at Slayer Outdoor Products’ website.

Banks Outdoors – Stump Scout

Known for manufacturing top-quality tower blinds, Banks now also offers an exceptional hard-side portable blind. The Stump Scout has the same heavy-duty construction as the Stump, and the Scout version also includes improvements to help it better contain human scent, keep nasty or wet weather at bay, and act as a sound barrier when sharp-eared game animals are within bow range. The design provides year-round hunting and scouting cover. The Scout includes a ski base and attached steel hitch, enabling owners to tow the blind to hunting sites with a truck, ATV or tractor. The Scout includes reflection-shattering bark texture, vents and ample shooting windows. Learn more at Banks Outdoors’ website.

Native Ground Blinds – Seminole Ground Blind

Native specializes in products that are made to be smarter, quieter and more functional. The Seminole Ground Blind includes many details that make it more effective in the field. Native first eliminated zippers and Velcro to make the Seminole quieter. They then added an impressive 71-inch height and 25-square-foot interior to give bowhunters additional room. Adjustable Slide Windows with drawstring attachments are completely silent, so they can be positioned in the presence of game. These features are paired with a large array of viewing screens and accessory pouches to keep bowhunters comfortable and ready for action. All Native blinds include blacked-out interiors to conceal movement. The durable, 600D Seminole holds up to three hunters, and its hub-style construction is quietly set up in less than a minute. The shell is covered in Dirt Road Camo, which is paired with plenty of expandable brush holders. It comes with beefy ground pegs and a specialized stake-down system designed for high-wind areas. Learn more at Native Ground Blinds’ website.

Ameristep – Care Taker Kick Out

Ameristep has been in the ground-blind game from the beginning, and the all-new Care Taker Kick Out is the latest addition to the company’s top-selling pop-up lineup. Ameristep’s Care Taker Kick Out is lighter for easier transport, and set up is faster and easier. The blind also blends effectively because it eliminates unnatural, hard-edged lines that are common with many square pop-up blinds. It is cloaked in Realtree’s Edge camouflage to melt into a wide variety of landscapes. The natural lines created by the dual floor “kick-outs” also provide added room for gear and drawing bows (69 inches wide and 66 inches tall). The screened, shoot-through windows can be opened and closed with a silent, single-hook design. Window shape and positioning are optimized for bowhunters and designed to maximize viewing around the blind. Set up and take down is easy via the tension-relief zipper design that aids the locking hubs for faster assembly and disassembly. The 15-pound blind folds compactly from a 65-by-65-inch footprint, and the heavy-duty fabric shell holds up to the elements and helps conceal odors. Learn at Ameristeps’ website.

Primos Hunting – Double Bull Deluxe GO

The original portable pop-up blind just keeps getting better. The Double Bull Deluxe GO has a completely reconfigured system for packing and carrying. This system allows hunters to take the blind down and clip it into the new carry system quickly and neatly. This feature-packed blind also sports a zipper-less door for silent access. The blind includes the company’s patented Double Bull hub system, which makes it quick and easy to set up, but also provides solid reliability. A 180-degree front Silent Slide window ensures unrestricted shooting. Key dimensions include a 60-by-60-inch footprint and 70 inches between the hubs for plenty of shooting room. The blind also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more at Primos Hunting’s website.

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