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2024 Bowhunting Gear

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Feb 15, 2024

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Bowhunting products can be classified in many ways. The best bowhunting gear is different for everyone. Here is a collection of Cases, Wraps, Packs and more that stand out for 2024.

Bowdacious Bowrest

2024 Bowhunting Gear

The Bowdacious Bowrest Carbon is the company’s flagship model and was designed for those who take hunting very seriously. The strength, lightness, and durability are all enhanced by carbon fiber. This model comes in two finishes: classic Carbon Fiber and the Stealth-Out Ghost Edition. The Bowrest supports the entire bow while at full draw, greatly increasing accuracy and the amount of time the shooter can remain at full draw. Most users are able to immediately extend their maximum effective range. It also helps to eliminate fatigue on the range. To learn more visit

2024 Bowhunting Gear – SKB Cases 

2024 Bowhunting Gear

SKB’s iSeries Shaped Bow Case is the company’s first injection molded shaped bow case—making it more affordable and lighter, at just 18 pounds. Despite this construction it provides the same rugged protection expected from other SKB cases. Interior dimension are 17 inches wide and 41 inches long, and four interior anchoring straps are included. A floor recess provides storage for a dozen arrows without rubbing on bowstrings or bow finish. The lid holds two straps to hold a fully loaded detachable bow quiver securely, and two elastic-topped net storage pouches are made to hold molded accessory boxes (sold separately, item 3i-0702-1) or other gear. Look for them in Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, or dealer-only Coyote Brown Pro Series. To learn more visit skbcases.com.

Knight & Hale

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Knight & Hale’s Run-N-Gun 200 hunting vest is covered in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland camouflage and weighs just 1.5 pounds, making it ideal for warm seasons. It features a 10-point adjustment system in the shoulder, chest, belly and lumbar areas to provide a custom fit for men, women or youth hunters. The close-fitting midsection and open arm design allows complete range of motion, and the cinching seat system holds the removable six-layer cushioned seat against the rear for easy, hands-free sitting. It can also be held tight against the back while hiking. It holds four zippered pouches, five pockets, MOLLE loops for add-on pouches, a 198-cubic-inch, bladder compatible pack and a decoy sling to keep decoy(s) secure. To learn more visit knightandhale.com. 

Pro-Tracker Archery

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Friction Grip Inserts from Pro-Tracker Archery offer a groundbreaking leap in arrow performance. These precision 7075 aluminum inserts feature built-in O-rings to ensure a perfect fit for both broadheads and field points, and prevent tips from loosening in flight or while pulling from targets. Friction Grip Inserts are easily glued into arrows without additional tools. They also allow fine-tuning arrow weight for optimal performance. Friction Grip Inserts deliver proven performance, ensuring arrow integrity and enhancing overall shooting precision. To learn more visit pro-tracker.com.

2024 Bowhunting Gear – White Water Archery

2024 Bowhunting Gear

2024 Bowhunting Gear – White Water Archery offers one of the widest variety of vinyl arrow wraps in the business, and styles sure to please any customer. Options include 31 Animal Print, 38 Animals and Tracks, 15 Blood Trail, Camouflage, 14 Carbon Fiber, eight Clear, 118 Cool Themes, six Country & Western, 68 Fades, 15 Faith, 46 Flags, 31 Flames, 50 Fluorescent Neon, 54 Geometric, 31 Huntress, 12 Icon, 10 Looks Like Socks, 48 Metallic, 31 Reflective, 38 Skulls & Reaper, 28 Solid Color and 94 Traditional wraps. To learn more visit whitewaterarchery.com. 

Lakewood Products

The Single 41-inch Bow Case Combo from Lakewood Products now offers wider bow storage compartments and combo options including Lakewood Arrow and Accessory Cases. This case includes Lakewood’s convenient top-loading, drop-in design that eliminates the need to lay the case on a flat surface. The case is wide enough to allow stashing bows without the need to remove the loaded quiver. The drag-proof ballistic nylon/poly fabric provides a lifetime of protection from hard use, and the durable ABS plastic and foam interior keeps contained equipment safe from harm. The top zippers join to allow adding a lock and the attached D-rings can be used to secure the case while traveling. A shoulder strap is provided. Exterior dimensions are 41-by-8.75-by-17.5 inches, with 40-by-4.25-by-16-inch storage capabilities. To learn more visit lakewoodproducts.com. 


2024 Bowhunting Gear

BowJax offers one of the most effective wedge-fit limb silencers in the business, made from pliable rubber that is tough, long lasting and ultra effective at absorbing bow vibrations. They offer a limb silencer to fit any bow or crossbow model, including for those with ½-inch youth bows, 11/16-inch models such as the Bear Cruzer Lite and Elite Ritual, 15/16-inch for models like the Bowtech Boss and Mathews Vertix, 1 1/8-inch for Horton Crossbows or Prime Black, and 1 ¼-inch for newer Hoyts—all models used as examples only. They are also offered a huge variety of colors. To learn more visit bowjax.com.

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Vapor Trail Scents

The Vapor Maker from Vapor Trail Scents provides the ultimate system for dispersing the company’s scent eliminator and attractant, 33 Point Buck. The 12-ounce, pump-up atomizing system was created to apply an even and thorough application of any Vapor Trail Scents products. Just eight pumps of the pressurizing handle readies the 3-foot-long hose to treat all parts of the body for a thorough head-to-toe treatment before entering the field, stand or blind. The Vapor Maker system allows head-to-toe coverage in about 10 seconds. The atomizer is contained in a camouflage, zipper-top pouch with an included shoulder strap, so is easy to carry into the field, or keep on hand in a hunting truck or ATV. To learn more visit vaportrailscents.com.

Stealth Outdoors 

Customers can use Stealth Strips to silence nearly any bowhunting gear. Stealth Strips offer peel-and-stick silencing material that can be used to wrap climbing sticks, tree stands, camera arms, bicycles, thermoses, you name it. They can also be employed to silence bow shelves, arrow rests, or provide a new camo appearance to nearly anything. Stealth Strips are durable, versatile, highly water resistant, and have a great feel, especially in cold weather. They come standard with an aggressive adhesive in a wide range of standard sizes. Stealth Outdoors also offers custom cuts. Stealth Strips not only eliminate metal-to-metal “clank,” but can also improve treestand stealth. Installation is easy and long lasting. To learn more visit

MD 50 Gear 

The CariBow Handle by MD 50 Gear provides a more natural and comfortable way to carry any bow, as options are made for a huge variety of current bow models. The CariBow is engineered for comfort, mobility, and to provide ideal balance. The system prevents string damage and adds very little weight to the bow or impairs  its function in any way. The CariBow Handle Strap allows hands-free toting. It is made in the USA and comes with a 30-day return policy. MSRP is $49.97 for Short Right Hand, Short Left Hand, Long Right Hand and Long Left Hand options. To learn more visit md50gear.com. 

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Mystery Ranch 

2024 Bowhunting Gear – The Metcalf Series hunting pack from Mystery Ranch has been thoroughly field tested by Western hunters. It is offered in three sizes ranging from 50 to 100 liters, all including a new Ultra-Light MT frame. These feature-rich packs sport multiple interior and exterior attachment points, roll-top closure, zippered lid pockets and a side zip to allow easy access to large items. The frame also has a higher OVERLOAD shelf for more balanced pack outs and a taller frame height with micro-adjustable load lifted points. Available colors include Foliage and Subalpine, with updated options of “Buckskin” and “Ponderosa,” in men’s and women’s frame sizes. The Metcalf 100 is 6,100 cubic inches and weighs 6.06 pounds. The Metcalf 75 is 4,575 cubic inches and weighs 5.34 pounds. Finally, the Metcalf 50 is 3,050 cubic inches and weighs 5 pounds. To learn more visit mysteryranch.com. 

30-06 Outdoors

Sighting in long-range crossbows just became easier with .30-06 Outdoors’ Crossbow Sighting Target. It allows precisely dialing in long-range yardages while working within the confines of standard 20-yard ranges. It is compatible with crossbows pushing bolts from 280 to 500 fps. The target provides vertical yardage spots mathematically spaced to correlate to a crossbow/bolt’s specific speed and trajectory, using longer-range settings or subtensions placed on the bottom dot from 20 yards and noting impact against upper dots marked with longer ranges to check ranges from 55 to 125 yards (depending on crossbow/bolt speed). This gives shooters without the space to shoot at long-range confirmation their crossbows are precisely sighted at all ranges. To learn more visit 30-06outdoors.com. 

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Viper Archery

2024 Bowhunting Gear

2024 Bowhunting Gear – Viper Archery’s The Charge Rechargeable Sight Light now includes a new soft black cap and built-in 15-minute timer. This rechargeable, three-stage universal sight light fits ¼-28-, 7/16-20- and 3/8-32-inch systems, and is recharged using the provided micro-USB cord. The design is long-lasting and hunting durable, and provides three stages of brightness; low, medium and high. The unit is also waterproof and is easily activated and extinguished with the press of a button. To learn more visit viperarchery.com. 

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