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2024 Broadheads – New & Top Broadheads For Success

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Feb 7, 2024

2024 Broadheads – New Broadheads – From 100 Grain Broadheads to Crossbow Broadheads, Innovation is strong in hunting broadheads, From new materials to new product categories entirely, archery and bowhunting continue to evolve. The following products stand out to the Inside Archery team as some of the best broadheads for 2024.


2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

KuduPoint introduced left bevel edges by popular demand—in addition to the right bevel of the originals. The new left bevel versions will be available in two-blade Contour and four-blade Contour Plus, and in 100-, 125-, and 150-grain options. The blades are still made from hardened 420 stainless steel permanently swagged into a 416 stainless steel ferrule. Blades include excellent edge retention and arrive hunting sharp. The 0.050-inch-thick main blade provides strength and reliability around bone, bleeder blades 17-4 stainless steel and 0.625-inch-thick. They are given a dark matte finish to reduce glare and come with a lifetime materials and workmanship guarantee. To learn more visit kudupoint.com.

Annihilator Broadheads 

2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

Annihilator’s Single Bevel Series broadheads include 1- and 1 1/16-inch-wide designs that produce 1.5- to 2-inch wound channels. The 4140 steel broadheads are available in 100-, 125- and 150-grain versions. They are built on the same platform as the original Annihilator, but include a modified grind to make them sharper, deeper penetrating and more devastating. The scooped back wedge design is scientifically proven to increase lethality and create sucking chest wounds. To learn
more visit annihilatorbroadheads.com.

Wasp Archery 

2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

The new JakXV mechanical broadhead from Wasp Archery was especially designed to work flawlessly when shot from high-speed crossbows pushing bolts to more than 400 fps. The ferrule is milled from high-grade aerospace aluminum to provide unbeatable structural strength, durability and precision accuracy. The 100-grain flip-back mechanical broadhead produces a 1 ¾-inch-wide cutting diameter and are sold in three packs. They are made in the USA. To learn more visit wasparchery.com. 

Thorn Broadheads

The Titanium Terror by Thorn Broadheads is completely new for 2024 and a first of its kind design. It features dual-blade activation, which makes it compatible with the fastest, hardest-hitting compounds and crossbows—including those sending bolts downrange at speeds in excess of 500 fps. All-titanium construction makes it nail tough and the ultra-sharp stainless steel expandable blades open to produce a devastating 2-inch-wide cut. Thorn Broadheads are proudly made in the USA and are backed by the company’s quality assurance. To learn more visit thornbroadheads.com.

Trifecta Broadheads

2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

Trifecta Broadheads started as an idea while preparing for a brown bear hunt and contemplating a universal, tough and devastating replaceable blade broadhead design. After much research, sketching, and consulting with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable bowhunters, the first CAD design was created. Trifecta Broadheads have been tested in flight, different target mediums, and live animals. The Trifecta uses a universal 420 stainless steel ferrule with a replaceable single bevel tip that is .040-inch thick and 3/8-inch wide. This ferrule can be used to create fixed-blade 100-, 125- and 150-grain heads, two 100-grain mechanicals and a 125-grain mechanical, both rear deploying. Cutting diameters vary from 1.25 to 2.5 inches. They are accurate, they are tough, and they penetrate well. To learn more visit trifectabroads.com. 

Muzzy Broadheads 

2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

Muzzy Broadheads’ new Trocar Ti builds on a proven design, including offset blade technology to help maximize accuracy and improve broadhead flight. New adjustable blade technology allows the sharp and durable .039-inch-thick blades to be adjusted to either right or left offset to match fletching orientation. The Trocar Ti provides the high strength-to-weight ratio of titanium, the true-center blade retention system ensuring blades stay locked in place in a three-point contact system. The ferrule is led by a bone-splitting trocar tip. This head weighs 100 grains and cuts 1.25 inches wide. To learn more visit feradyne.com/muzzy-broadheads. 

SWAT Broadheads

The XMAG STX Crossbow Magnum mechanical broadhead from SWAT Broadheads is new for 2024. It includes four hardened stainless steel blades that provide 3.25 inches of total cutting edges to wreck vitals and put game down quickly through SWAT’s two-blade entry and four-blade exit. The tool steel faceted tip and 7075-T6 aluminum ferrule ensure reliability and bone-splitting performance. They are offered in 100- and 125-grain options, with guaranteed straightness that gives them an unlimited speed rating. To learn more visit swatbroadheads.com. 

Helix Broadheads

2024 Broadheads - New Broadheads

The FJ4 has become Helix Broadheads most popular new broadhead, taking the standard single bevel design blade that Helix is renowned for and adding two smaller bleeder blades that insert directly into the ferrule. This provides an additional cross-cut for improved blood trails. This provides a sum total of 2 1/16 inches of cutting edges on the 100- and 175-grain heads, 2 1/8 inches for the 125- and 200-grain, and 2 ¼ inches for the 150- and 225-grain. Helix customers have been requesting a four-blade option for some time, so following nearly a year of research and development the team at Helix Broadheads created this deadly offering for bowhunters looking for wider blood trails. To learn more visit helixbroadheads.com.

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