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2024 Hunting Scent Control & Attractants

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Feb 22, 2024

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Attractants – Deer attractants, scent control products and whitetail deer lure come in many consistencies and sizes. Below you will find a collection of 2024 Deer Hunting Lures, Attractants and Scent Controls Products that stand out. This includes everything from Scent Thief to Killer Food Plots!

Scent Thief

Scent Thief Field Spray is a breakthrough scent control technology that works to completely neutralize an animal’s perception of threatening odors, giving hunters a distinct advantage. By soothing the scent-detecting region of the animal’s nose, Scent Thief’s patented formula temporarily disables an animal’s sense of smell, leaving all other scents undetectable. Scent Thief Field Spray is easy to use. By simply shaking the bottle and applying generously to clothing, boots, and equipment, the hunter renders themselves undetectable to animal noses. Scent Thief Field Spray is offered in 12- or 24-ounce spray bottles. To learn more visit scentthief.com. 

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure – Vapor Trail Scents 

Vapor Trail Scents’ 33 Point Buck is the company’s most popular and hottest selling scent product. Vapor Trail Scents’ 33 Point Buck is the centerpiece of the company’s scent-control system, a combination of a powerful scent eliminator and whitetail deer attractant made from 100 percent natural ingredients. 33 Point Buck is sold in a 32-ounce container, and is best deployed using the company’s Vapor Maker or Mini Vapor Maker systems. Company founder Rex Holmes, Jr. formulated 33 Point Buck from five plants gathered in the woods near his Mississippi home, so the product will not put deer on edge or cause them to become suspicious. The formula is also used in the company’s shampoo and body wash, which can also be purchased in a 4-ounce bottle. To learn more visit vaportrailscents.com.

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure – Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer’s Silent Series Kit includes three key products that are silent to deploy and proven super deadly in the field. The Nose Jammer Silent Series Kit includes a 4-ounce Silent Pump Spray bottle filled with liquid Nose Jammer, a 2-ounce rub-on Wax Stick allowing hunters to apply the scent around stands or blinds that will then last for weeks, and 28-gram Nose Jammer Dust which provides hunter’s with wind protection while also doubling as a wind detector. Nose Jammer utilizes safe and natural ingredients to disable big game animals’ ability to detect and track human odor; ingredients that will not alarm game or harm the environment. Nose Jammer is easy to deploy and has been proven effective by respected hunters. To learn more visit nosejammer.com.

Code Blue

PST! Pure-S-Trous Aerosol Spray scents by Code Blue is now available in 3.2-ounce Whitetail Doe Estrous. This is the perfect fall scent for attracting rutting bucks. The aerosol delivery system makes it easier to apply in short bursts to foliage around stands for direct attraction or while accessing stands to create a scent trail to lure in cruising bucks. This scent product allows no-mess application and is best suited to mid- to late deer seasons.  To learn more visit codebluescents.com

Deception Scents

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure

Deception Scents’ new scent elimination product includes chemistry that eradicates more than 99.99 percent of pathogens, which in turn eliminates the source of odors. Deception Scents was born out of the COVID pandemic.  Deception performed rigorous field tests, including the use of highly-trained cadaver dogs. Laboratory tests ensured the scent eliminator is safe for hunter and hunting equipment. Look for it in a 32-ounce field spray, 25-gram fast gas canister, body wash, scent locker and laundry wash. To learn more visit deceptionoutdoorgroup.com. 

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure – Scent Crusher

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure

Scent Crusher became an industry leader using NASA based research, employing ozone-activated technology to eliminate odors on hunting clothing and gear. Their next generation of universal ozone generators take the convenience and performance of ozone to new levels via a new-and-improved Scent Crusher design. The new universalized ozone generator simplifies the challenging process of matching which ozone unit matches which bag, tote, luggage or space.  The compact semi-round unit measures just 6.15-by-2.3 inches and features a carry handle, rear mounting brackets and ultra-durable design. The new generator produces up to 500mg/h of ozone on the high setting and 150mg/h on low. Two-button controls and a bright LCD display make it easy to operate. It comes with a USB-C charger cable. To learn more visit feradyne.com/scent-crusher/. 

Odin’s Innovations

To continue the huge momentum experienced last season, Odin’s has released three brand-new scents for 2024, to be unveiled at the St. Louis ATA Show. This brings the company’s selection of synthetic scents to 15. These are included in the company revolutionary Scent Beads (which remain effective for more than 30 days and are impervious to moisture), as well as their newer natural oil-based Liquid Scents (which last seven days). All of Odin’s scent products are thoroughly field tested, and backed by the company’s unsurpassed dealer support programs. To learn more visit odinsinnovations.com. 

Antler King 

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure

New and available for Spring 2024, Antler King introduces Kitchen Sink, as this mixture offers everything but the kitchen sink for whitetail deer. Kitchen Sink is a premium whitetail deer feed that embodies an expertly crafted blend of high-quality ingredients and an all-in-one solution for nurturing thriving deer populations. Kitchen Sink includes energy-packed oats and corn, staple wheat, protein- and vitamin-rich barley, protein-packed peanuts, carbo-rich milo, fat-filled black oil sunflower seeds, roasted soy beans, sweet shredded sugar beets, protein pellets and cotton seed. All of these ingredients benefit deer health and promote higher-scoring antlers. Learn more by visiting antlerking.com. 


Moultrie Feeder

The Lumen Photocell Feeder Kit by Moultrie Feeders costs less than $50, but utilizes a dawn and dusk photocell timer that throws feed two times a day. The photocell detects changing sunlight to feed just after sunrise and just before sunset, saving users the trouble of adjusting feed times as days grow shorter summer to fall, or following Daylight Savings Time–feed times automatically  adjust based on light levels. All users are required to do is set switches to a preferred feed duration between 5 and 20 seconds. The system is compatible with all Quick-Lock hoppers (adapter included). To learn more visit moultriefeeders.com. 

Vapor Trail Scents

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure

The Vapor Maker from Vapor Trail Scents provides the ultimate system for dispersing the company’s scent eliminator and attractant, 33 Point Buck. The 12-ounce, pump-up atomizing system was created to apply an even and thorough application of any Vapor Trail Scents products. Just eight pumps of the pressurizing handle readies the 3-foot-long hose to treat all parts of the body for a thorough head-to-toe treatment before entering the field, stand or blind. The Vapor Maker system allows head-to-toe coverage in about 10 seconds. The atomizer is contained in a camouflage, zipper-top pouch with an included shoulder strap, so is easy to carry into the field, or keep on hand in a hunting truck or ATV. To learn more visit vaportrailscents.com.

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure – Killer Food Plots

Killer Food Plots’ Border Patrol was created for customers interested in growing food plots capable of not only attracting but keeping deer in an area. Border Patrol includes a carefully selected blend of KFP Foundation, KFP Structure, KFP Winter Peas, and KFP Forage Soybeans. Grown together this blend delivers a fantastic 8- to 12-foot-high wall of growth that not only helps funnel whitetail movement but also offers concealment from predators and prying eyes. Killer Food Plots says that the inclusion of their Winter Peas and Forage Soybeans can produce 20 percent or higher protein levels. Border Patrol is offered in a 10-pound bag that can be used to plant a half-acre. It is compatible with a wide variety of soil types, such as sandy, rocky, clay, and loamy. To learn more visit killerfoodplots.com.

Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed

2024 Hunting Scent Control & Lure

Buck.It offers premium food plot seed blended for growing and hunting success. Buck.It knows what deer prefer and when they prefer and formulates their seed mixed accordingly. Buck.It mixes are delivered in buckets to make planting and transport and storage much easier than dealing with bagged seed. As Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed grows, their product options grow as well. Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed provides free shipping and allows creating your own custom seed mixes. Seed mixtures include Buck Booyah (Turnip/Radish/Kale/Collards), Fence Jumper (Clover/Alfalfa/Chicory), Double Trouble (Turnip/Rape), Forage Feast (Pea/Cereal), and many other combinations. Learn more by visiting buckitready.com. 

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