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.30-06 Outdoors Snot Lube 3 Pack For Crossbows

ByInside Archery

Mar 29, 2024

Snot Lube Combo 3 Pack for Crossbows include 1 Each String Snot (String Lubricant), Bow Snot (Parts Pen Oiler) & Rail Snot (Crossbow Rail Lube). This is a complete kit of High Performance Lubricant for your Crossbow.

Main Features: Made in USA, 100% Odorless, Increases Performance and Durability, Non-Toxic. This crossbow maintenance kit is great for making sure your gear is in good working order after an (hopefully) eventful crossbow season. Learn more at https://www.30-06outdoors.com/product-page/crossbow-snot-3-pack

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