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Archery Spot Guns & More LLC is a family-owned archery shop housed in Camden, Michigan. It was established in 1991 by Jon and Tina Jenkins, and it is currently housed in a 4,000-square-foot facility, which is located on the owners’ 80-acre farm. The shop’s indoor shooting range has five lanes that go out 20 yards, and it’s also equipped with an outdoor range. The shop supplies many popular brands:

  • Bow Lines: Mathews, Bowtech, Bear, Diamond and Mission
  • Crossbow Lines: Ravin, Mission, CenterPoint, Bear and Barnett
  • Arrow Lines: Easton, Gold Tip, Victory, Carbon Express and Black Eagle

About 45 percent of the shop’s annual revenue comes from the sale of archery equipment. Firearms and gun accessories account for about 40 percent of the shop’s annual revenue, and the remaining 15 percent comes from services.

Inside Archery spoke with the owners about how they are coping during the challenges through this pandemic.

Inside Archery: Did you experience a large spike in gun sales?

Tina Jenkins: We absolutely did, and thank goodness we had that. Otherwise, we would have been in some serious trouble. We were also able to remain open this whole time. We are in Michigan, and there’s kind of a gray area there, but we believe in our Second Amendment rights. Of course, we’ve also followed all the guidelines for social distancing and wearing masks, and the customers who have come in have been very understanding.

Inside Archery: Do you have any words of wisdom for other shop owners?

Tina Jenkins: I would say find what works for you, be personable, and don’t try to be like box stores. You want to motivate people to come to you, because we all know they can get anything online. We also place a large emphasis on education. Our customers know that when they buy a bow here, along with accessories, then we install everything for them, paper tune it, and have that bow completely ready to go when they walk out the door. If they buy things online and bring it all in for us to install, then we charge them for it, and we show them that they aren’t actually saving money by buying things online. When all is said and done, they agree with us. They see that they’re not really saving money, and they see the extra value they get when they buy something here.

Learn more by visiting Archery Spot Guns & More LLC’s website.

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