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Banks Outdoors is family owned and operated and was founded in 1994. Robert and Marlene Banks, as well as their family members, grew up in rural Minnesota, and the outdoors had become a staple in all of their lives. Each person brings their own outdoor experience to the table resulting in an excellent product line. Some of the products they offer include hunting blinds, ice houses, deer feeders, water systems, and utility sled and trailers.

Banks Outdoors has always had the hunter in mind. They offer many sizes and types of hunting blinds to fit the customer’s needs whether they have a family needing extra space or a specific budget they are following. Customers expect a blind to be warm in the cold months and vice versa for warm months. Scent control and sound concealment are also high on the list of customer expectations for a ground blind, and understandably so. Banks Outdoors’ blinds have a special insulation that provides a controlled climate, excellent R-value, and most importantly, sound deadening. The Stump blinds are very well known for their supreme scent control and its durable, long-lasting, premium materials.

The Stump provides a 360-degree view with not too-big or too-small silent-swinging windows. The Vision Series blinds have long, vertical windows that allow a child or shorter adult to take close shots with a bow. Sealed doors and windows improve scent control, and the spacious layout allows for an effective hunt with the perfect shot. Banks Outdoors is dedicated to creating the perfect blind for any hunter during any season.

Learn more at Banks Outdoors’ website or read more in the July issue of Inside Archery in your browser for free.

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