Bear Archery Moment: Bow Review Video

BearWatch as Patrick Meitin unveils his comprehensive review of the new Bear Archery Moment, an unbelievably fast, and quiet compound bow that will exceed the high expectations of any competitive bowhunter. At a glance, Bear Moment mirrors last year’s BR 33 with the same cam system, similar geometry, and overall similar features. With closer inspection, Bear improved its already impressive speed without greatly affecting the shootability.

This compound includes an 80 percent let-off EAZ Hybrid Cam System which makes this bow extremely easy to pull and has no jarring bumps or surprising let-offs. In fact, the cam on this bow is so SMOOTH, that it can make a 70-pound draw seem like 60 pounds, as well as make early season, heavy draw weights bearable in bone-chilling weather with tense muscles. The newest version of the EAZ Cam System includes DRAW-DIAL Rotating Modules that allows fast and simple draw-length adjustments anywhere from 25-30 inches without sacrificing performance and accuracy at any draw length. Bear Archery Moment comes standard with dual string stops or optional ROCKSTOPS limb stops.

This bow comes equipped with a super-strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum riser designed to have a wider side profile. The 7075 aluminum material delivers a stiffer, vibration-free platform for increased accuracy and silent shooting. Bear’s new design on the riser set the handle closer to the bowstring to create a speedy 6-inch brace height. The NANOGRIP promises better shooting comfort, and improved bow-hand interface. The new grip on this compound reduces torque at full draw, and increases accuracy potential.

Bear Archery bows hold several unique, notable technologies that are included in =the design of this compound: the HingeGuard swiveling offset buss-cable guard to eliminate release twang; Bi-Dimensionally adjustable top and bottom SonicStop offset string suppressors with carbon rods held by adjustable clamps; SonicBonds silencing modules in the riser between the handle and each limb pocket, and inside the limb pockets; and finally, four rubber SonicKnots that give speed studs double duty as dampeners/ silencers. Because Bear compound bows come standard as a deadly silent weapon, there is no need to mess with any extraneous quieting accessories.

Bear Archery Moment proves undeniably speedy and accurate. Even with the heaviest arrow shafts, the Bear Moment had no problems breaking 300 fps, and with the lighter shafts this impressive bow reached speeds of 360 fps, 20 fps higher than the advertised ATA speed of 340 fps. This is an impressively fast, accurate, and smooth weapon that is incredibly silent straight out of the box.

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