Beman Introduces the Pork Chop

With exploding feral pig populations, hog hunting has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the sporting industry. Beman designed the new Pork Chop arrow to specifically appeal to those hug hunters. The Pork Chop features a reduced diameter, heavy-duty carbon design to slip right through tough hog hide. There are two configurations of the Pork Chop, an arrow for vertical bows and a bolt for crossbows. The arrows are sold with H nocks and RPS inserts included. Pork Chop crossbow bolts use high-strength 22/64-inch-diameter carbon and are sold with nocks and precision 43-grain aluminum inserts included. 100-grain brass inserts are sold separately. For more information, visit Beman’s website.

Pork Chop arrow from Beman

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