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Black Ice Dry Glide– Shattering 
The Snow Shovel Effect

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Apr 12, 2024

.30-06 Outdoors introduces dry crossbow lubricant.

January 2019 Louisville, KY ATA Trade Show Attendees focused on Black Ice Dry Glide Crossbow Lubricant, a new dry application process for crossbow lubrication and maintenance by .30-06 Outdoors LLC.

The “Dry Glide” feature is more commonly associated with firearm maintenance products but is now being applied to archery crossbows with aluminum rails. Matt Minshall, Managing Member of .30-06 Outdoors, says, “Today’s faster bows need an option that’s better formulated with their aluminum rails in mind.”

With traditional rail lubricants, the crossbow string acts like a snow shovel. Scraping lube along the rail and dumping it into the trigger assembly; every time you draw back your bowstring.  Black Ice is formulated to apply wet and air dry in less than 10 seconds, leaving nothing behind that can jam your trigger assembly. It’s formula also prevents the collection of dust and debris along the crossbow rail. Leaving behind only the look of “Black Ice” as evidence, hence the name.   

Black Ice is 100% odorless when dry and made in America. Simply run the applicator along each side of the crossbow rail, wiping any excess off with a cloth. Squeezing the bottle isn’t necessary with the easy to use dauber applicator. The bottle itself holds .25oz of fluid that will last the customer 1000+ shots.

If you would like more information on this or the rest of the .30-06 product line, please visit your local sporting goods retailer or www.30-06outdoors.com.
.30-06 Outdoors LLC was founded in 2007 to provide archers and shooting sports enthusiasts a fresh and economical source for their gear needs.

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