Bohning Archery Marks 70th Anniversary

The Bohning Company was founded in 1946 by Rollin Bohning. He was a research chemist and avid archer who had become dissatisfied with the cements available to bond broadheads to hunting shafts. He developed Ferr-L-Tite adhesive, which has undergone several changes over the decades but remains the industry standard today. Throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s, Rollin continued to develop successful solutions for archers, including Doug Easton and Fred Bear, with whom he had become friends. Their collaboration led to the development of Fletch-Tite Platinum glue and Tex Tite wax in 1948, both of which are staple items in the industry today.

In 1987, current President, Larry Griffith took over The Bohning Company. As President of The Bohning Company, Larry
has diversified the company into several area in addition to archery. Bohning now has product lines in the Golf, Lure-Lac and Packaging industries. This diversification has added to the overall growth and stability of The Bohning Company, Ltd. In addition to the adhesives that started it all, today Bohning has well over 100 different products, including vanes, nocks, jigs, waxes, quivers and many more items. All of this combined with the philosophy to develop and provide high quality Bohningproducts and solutions has helped bring Bohning to where they are today.

Bohning Archery has been an industry-leading manufacturer of arrow building products since 1946. Bohning plans to stay true to its commitment to develop and market only the highest quality solutions for the problems experienced by the industries they serve.

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