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Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

ByInside Archery

Jan 30, 2023

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 is here! The below products stand-out as some of the best new gear in archery and bowhunting for the new year.

 QuietKat Electric Bikes 

QuietKat’s 2023 Apex Pro is the ultimate bowhunting e-bike. The Apex Pro includes four-piston hydraulic brakes, powerful 1000W motor and adjustable air-spring suspension. Gunmetal and Veil Camo Cumbre camouflage finishes are also new for 2023. The all-new Apex Pro will be available for pre-order beginning January 10 at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, or by contacting QuietKat B2B sales. QuietKat’s Apex has led the market for mid-drive, hardtail electric mountain bikes, the Apex Pro expanding on that tradition with upgraded components that make it more efficient and more powerful, and colors that make it more eye appealing. This makes the Apex Pro the benchmark of QuietKat’s renowned electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, exploring the great outdoors. Riding a QuietKat e-bike has a low impact on the environment and a high return of utility and adventure. Visit quietkat.com to learn more. 

SWAT Broadheads 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

SWAT’s “Drain Your Game” mechanical broadheads offer some of the most uniquely engineered and deadliest designs in the entire industry, a brand owned and staffed by American veterans. All of their broadheads are assembled in the U.S.A. New for 2023, SWAT Broadheads will be offering Precision Series Broadheads. They include a new aerospace ferrule design for quieter flight and increased accuracy, and more precise weight-matched specs, straightness, and point of impact precision. Each of the new Precision Series Broadheads utilizes a hardened steel ferrule, as well as the fact all new X models now feature rear blade screws for easier blade replacement. SWAT’s A4X is just one of the flagship models included in this new series, a “two-blade-in, four-blades out” 4-blade mechanical design that penetrates like a fixed-blade head but cuts like a mechanical. Visit swatbroadheads.com to learn more. 

October Mountain Products 

October Mountain Product’s (OMP) new Phoenix Fletching Jig includes die-cast/machined aluminum and steel parts to be rugged and dependable. The Phoenix allows fletching feathers or vanes with up to five degrees of offset, and with right- or left-wing orientation. The channeled clamp tower holds centerline adjustment screws and fletch-spacing adjustment knob, holding shafts at 20 degrees to keep nocks seated and ensure consistent adhesion. A 120-degree three-fletch, or 75-, 90-, or 105-degree four-fletch orientation can be chosen. The 6.5-inch steel, magnet-equipped clamps can be chosen for straight off-set or right/left-helical orientation. Clamp sides are beveled for easy cleaning and laser etched for consistent positioning. The oversized base plate with four padded rubber feet provides stability and includes four accessory cutouts to keep glue and fletchings organized. Visit octobermountainproducts.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Elevation 

The Elevation Nest Lite Shooter Stool offers the same versatility and packability as the company’s original Nest stool, but in a more streamlined 4.1- to 5.6-pound package (lighter model has no arrow tubes) t. It makes the perfect 3-D companion, allowing shooters to rest between targets. The quiver attachment, featuring two tubes that keep arrows protected and accessible, can be easily shifted to either side of stool to preferences. The ergonomic shoulder straps and reinforced grab handle allow for an easy transition from the ground to a mobile configuration in just seconds. The two 2-inch arrow tubes hold rubber point plates and end caps, and the ambidextrous quiver mount is detachable. The 19.5-inch-high stool offers storage via three stretch pockets, a sleeve pocket, a large main compartment and front zippered compartment. Backpack straps make it easy to tote, and the frame is weight rated to 250 pounds.Visit elevation.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – America’s Best Bowstrings 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – ABB’s Platinum Black Series bowstrings are the same as their standard Platinum Series, without the custom colors but available for immediate shipping. Platinum Black will consist of pre-made bowstrings built with all the technology that bowhunters have come to expect from the Platinum Series, such as F.A.S.T. (Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology) and Fiber-Loc, but will be offered in Ninja Black only. ABB reached back through years of sales data and compiled a list of strings sold for specific make/model bows to provide a better feel for what should be stocked year round. The goal is to eliminate wait times for dealers and customers during the pre-season rush. In most cases, Platinum Black strings can be shipped the same day they are ordered and ABB’s two-year warranty covering peep rotation, serving separation, and creep/stretching still applies. Visit americasbestbowstrings.com to learn more. 

Quality Archery Designs 

QAD’s 2023 INTEGRATE MX2 is a further refinement of the popular MX. The MX2 features a launcher with dampeners that reduce noise and vibration and require no silencing felt. The robust launcher has a new look and was designed for faster setup and improved durability. Archers can personalize their rest by customizing the MX2 with many dampener color options. Micro adjustments allow fine tuning capabilities of just .0019-inch per click. The MX2 is compatible with the Integrate Mounting System, which now comes standard on risers from most major bow manufacturers. The system offers auto leveling on three axis instead of two and more secure anchoring. Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce-back and total fletching clearance. The launcher drops only when bow is fired, not when letting down. It is available left- or right-handed and includes a limited lifetime warranty. Visit qadinc.com to learn more.

Vapor Trail Archery 

Vapor Trail’s Gen Integr8 (GI8) and the Gen Integr8X (GI8X) drop-away rests are new for 2023 and built around the newly-popular Integrate Mounting System. The Integrate system streamlines mounting and makes for a lighter, more compact arrow rest. The standard GI8 weighs just 3.6 ounces, the GI8X 4.1 ounces. The difference is the GI8X includes Micro-Adjustable windage and elevation and top or bottom limb activation abilities. The GI8 can be upgraded for top or bottom limb activation with the purchase of the Bottom Limb Adapter. Both include a full capture rubber over-molded carbon cage made with proprietary vibration-dampening material, available in 14 interchangeable colors. The free-floating launcher arm supports the arrow for up to 70 percent of the shot cycle for greater downrange accuracy. These rests come with Vapor Trail’s SHAG Pad, Limb Pad, and activation cord. Learn more at vaportrailarchery.com

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Helix Broadheads 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – The FJ4 cut-on-contact broadhead is spanking new for 2023 from Helix, the company’s first 4-blade design. The FJ4 broadhead takes the standard single-bevel edged main blade that Helix has become renowned for and incorporates two smaller bleeder blades that insert directly into the ferrule. This produces an additional total cutting surface consisting of the following sizes: 2 1/16 inches for 100- and 175-grain heads, 2 1/8 inches for 125- and 200-grain models, and 2 ¼ inches for the 150- and 225-grain versions. Helix customers and dealers have been requesting a 4-blade option for some time. After almost a year of research and development the team at Helix Broadheads believe they have an outstanding and deadly offering for bowhunters everywhere. Improved blood trails and field proven results from the fall of 2022 have demonstrated that the FJ4 is a broadhead to be reckoned with. Visit helixbroadheads.com to learn more. 

Antler King 

Cotton Candy by Antler King is a superior cottonseed-based deer attractant providing 20 percent protein, 14 percent fiber, and 11 percent fat. Besides cottonseed, Cotton Candy also contains corn, roasted soybeans and protein pellets which are packed with minerals and vitamins. Company testing showed that Cotton Candy is as attractive to deer in the South as it is the North, so much so deer will continue to return for more than a week after it is depleted. Cotton Candy is so new the odds are good your neighbors will not have used it, giving users an edge on their competition. Cotton Candy contains AMP, Antler King’s proprietary health supplement that promotes digestive efficiency along with immune functions—making it not only a powerful attractant, but a healthy one. It can be used with gravity, trough, or spin-cast feeders, or poured directly onto the ground. Learn more at antlerking.com

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Jakt Gear 

GLOMAX D-Loop Glow Cord from Jakt Gear is the perfect solution for any bowhunter who has ever had a difficult time hooking up a release aid in poor light. This premium glow-in-the-dark string-loop cord helps those with poor eyesight, operating under a heavy forest canopy or overcast skies, or hunting at the edges of daylight when trophy game moves best. Also positively attaches their release to a D-loop—especially when using caliper or capture-hook designs. The material is super tough to ensure safety and long life and comes in bright orange and chartreuse colors to be highly visible during daylight hours as well. Jakt Gear is made in the U.S.A. and is veteran owned and operated. Jakt Gear also offers a wide range of useful products to serve the bowhunting community, including ID tags, bow and wrist slings, and bino harnesses, among others. Learn more at jaktgear.com

BIGshot Targets 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – BIGshot Targets’ Titan 18-inch Multipurpose Broadhead Target accommodates crossbows, compounds, traditional, and youth bows while also working well with field points, mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads. The large target face is ideal for extending maximum effective range without the anxiety of lost arrows. The target measures 18-by-18-by-15 inches but weighs just 15 pounds. BIGshot’s Elasto-Flex foam is ultra-tough while also allowing easier arrow and bolt extraction. The Titan includes carefully spaced aiming points to eliminate undue wear on any single area for longer life. It also offers five individual target faces, which also spreads abuse around. The unique tapered design conserves space while traveling or while in storage, while also positioning the target face perpendicular to the natural shooting plane for improved target acquisition. Learn more at bigshottargets.com

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Banks Outdoors 

Banks Outdoors is renowned for its quality hard-sided blinds. For 2023, Banks introduces the Stump Sequoia, because sometimes bigger is better. The spanking-new Stump Sequoia includes a larger 90-inch diameter interior and holds eight silent-swing tinted and framed windows, creating a blind hunting experience compatible with bow or gun hunting. A seamless polyethylene construction provides extreme durability and weather resistance, offering the ultimate protection from the elements. The spacious interior provides maximum comfort for multiple hunters, making it the ideal family hunting blind. This blind is available as a base model or as a complete accessory-equipped ‘Pro Hunter’ model. With more than 44 square feet of room inside, the family-friendly Stump Sequoia is perfect for spending quality time with loved ones, filming hunts and viewing wildlife from every direction. Visit banksoutdoors.com to learn more. 

CRÜZR Saddles 

CRÜZR Archon Saddle Hunting Super Kit includes everything needed to get into the saddle-hunting game. The CRÜZR Archon is an 11-pound, 11-ounce, premium 2-panel saddle built with the highest-quality materials and designed to create a supremely comfortable design. It is offered in three sizes, designed to accommodate heavy insulated clothing, and comes standard with an AmSteel-Blue adjustable bridge (black fibers). Included in the kit is a CRÜZR Archon saddle, Seeker Hunting Platform, Saddlebag (dump pouch), back-band, tether with Prusik knot and locking carabiner, lineman’s rope with Prusik knot and locking carabiner and optional Resc Tech Tree Tether and Lineman Upgrade. CRÜZR’s engineers kept the CRÜZR standards of comfort and quality in mind while designing the Seeker Platform. With an ergonomically-angled front designed with leaners in mind, the 11.25-by-14.5-inch CRÜZR Seeker Saddle Hunting platform allows feet to be positioned at a natural and comfortable angle while standing. It has a 300-pound weight rating. Learn more at cruzr.com 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Huskemaw Optics 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – High performance crossbows are the hottest ticket in archery right now, and Huskemaw Optics’ Crossfield 4×40 Crossbow Scope offers the best option for the performance-driven crossbow hunter. The Crossfield holds a calibrated Arrow Drop Compensator (ADC) turret cut to precisely match the trajectory of specific crossbow/bolt combinations out to 150 yards. High-density, multi-coated lenses offer excellent light gathering abilities and bright, sharp viewing. A one-piece 30mm aluminum housing with cement-bedded lenses make it tough, fog- and waterproof. The 2-MOA version includes a custom single-stack turret allowing 120-MOA per turret revolution, fast-focus eyepiece, glass-etched reticle, red/green illuminated dot with five intensity settings, and turret zero stop. The optic weighs 20.1 ounces, with 40mm objective and 36mm ocular lenses. Learn more at huskemawoptics.com 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Stokerized 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

All-new Stokerized M1 Stasis stabilizer system builds on the success of the company’s SL Stasis and M1 Hunter stabilizer models. Stokerized combined the infinite adjustability of the patented Stasis All Axis Pivot, the patented SS1 offset bracket, and the M1 small diameter high-performance carbon tubing. This gives the M1 Stasis system a slim .563 OD, manufactured from the stiffest high modular carbon fiber to eliminate vibration and completely cancel dynamic shot movement. They are available in 15- and 19-inch models and come standard with the M1 SS1 Bracket, six 1-ounce weights, and two Dual Saturn Dampeners. They are proudly made in the U.S.A. and backed by Stokerized’s unconditional lifetime warranty. The complete system offers unsurpassed bow balance and dampening qualities, promoting tighter arrow groups and longer equipment life. Learn more at stokerized.com

Deception Scents 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – Deception Outdoor Group offers a wide range of scent elimination products, brought to you by a company with 30 years of experience in pathogen and odor control. Deception Scent’s 32-ounce Field Spray is formulated to get rid of odors in hunting clothes and gear. It includes a 12-month shelf life and will not harm fabrics, rubber, neoprene, or elastic. The mild formulation leaves no residue or film, has been tested in the field against trained bloodhounds, and received best in show by Lancaster Archery in 2022 . Deception’s 32-ounce Field Spray oxidizes odors on just about anything, including vehicle interiors. It can be used to pretreat hunting clothing, or whatever gear customers will be taking into the field. Field Spray also works on dog beds. Deception offers Laundry Scent Eliminator, Body Wash, and D25 Fast Gas to de-scent vehicles as well. Learn more at deceptionoutdoorgroup.com

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Mrs. Doe Pee’s Buck Lure 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Since 1991, Mrs. Doe Pee’s Buck Lures/American Outdoors Inc. has been producing some of the freshest and most effective doe estrous attractant products on the market—straight from Sam Collora’s deer farm in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Mrs. Doe Pee’s patented freeze-dried process ensures fresh product, without the limited shelf life, and without requiring refrigeration to keep it fresh. Patented Freeze Dried Doe in Estrous Infused Wick is one example, allowing multi-method use and delivered in a resealable bag. Bottled doe in estrous urines are also supplied by the company and shipped weekly in insulated containers including a cold pack to keep them fresh. Mrs. Doe Pee’s has been CWD monitoring their closed herd on both their whitetail and elk farms since 2002 and are members of RHSA as both a urine collection facility and scent manufacturing company Learn more at mrsdoepee.com

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Ravin Crossbows 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – The all-new Ravin Crossbows R18S for 2023 is one of the most compact crossbow models available. The R18S measures just 18 inches long, and 25 inches long with the addition of its removeable stock. The R18S is 4.75 inches wide, measures just 1.3 inches between the axles when cocked, and weighs only 6 pounds. Ravin accomplishes this by orienting the limbs to compress vertically, so they run parallel to the riser instead of sticking out of its sides. Power comes through Ravin’s new proprietary VertiCoil Cam System, which rotates 720 degrees on ultra-small cams. Despite its compact dimensions the R18S provides excellent accuracy and pushes a 400-grain bolt to 360 fps—plenty of velocity to cleanly harvest a deer at common treestand ranges. The R18S is equipped with a three-dot reflex sight allowing confident aiming in any lighting conditions. Learn more at ravincrossbows.com.

Easton Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Easton’s history reaches back to the days of handmade longbows and wooden arrows. That legacy runs strong today, and Easton has not forgotten its traditional roots or the archers who treasure simpler times and gear. The company continues to supply quality arrows targeted at longbow and recurve shooters. The new Easton 5mm Carbon Legacy Fred Eichler Edition is just that arrow, designed specifically for serious traditional shooters but using up-to-date carbon technology. The 5mm Carbon Legacy provides +/- .003- inch straightness specs and comes with a HIT insert kit including the tools and epoxy needed to create hard-hitting single-string arrows. Choose from spine ratings of .340 weighing 9.8 gpi, 8.8 gpi .400, 8 gpi .500, 7.1 gpi .600, and 6.8 gpi .700. These shafts include classic wood finish graphics, a bright-white dip, and are helical fletched with 4-inch left-wing natural feathers. Visit eastonarchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Code of Silence 

Code of Silence (COS) is offering three lines of camouflage apparel—Verdigre, Zone7-Versa, and Coldfjall—with the company indicating there is more to come in 2023. COD is high-performance hunting attire that’s truly quiet but also engineered to turn away the elements. COS’s camouflage pattern, S18 Visual Silence, is based on years of study and elevated visual-cue science and is knitted into the fabric, not printed, which accentuates its silent nature. COS gear also includes layers-within-layers construction, offering a throwback to traditional wool clothing in place of first wear while incorporating modern barriers and construction designs to keep hunters warm in any weather. COS wear is highly affordable for performance wear of this quality and includes a full array of accessories. Customers looking for pure functionality and not frills will love the Code of Silence lineup. Visit codeofsilence.com to learn more. 

Domain Outdoor 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – Domain’s Big Sexy was created to be a premier cold season food plot seed. It is packed with the protein and energy needed to attract deer fall through winter, providing leafy and bulb-producing forage that withstands heavy grazing. Big Sexy includes specialized varieties of turnip, radish, kale, and forage rape, each chosen to be highly attractive, hardy, cold weather tolerant, and to provide high nutrition levels. Big Sexy is the ideal food plot seed to provide action only two weeks after it is planted and all the way through the final day of season, while also helping deer make it through rough winters with its high protein results. A 3-pound jug plants a ½ acre, a 24-pound “Big Gulp” good for 4 acres. Big Sexy thrives in areas with full or partial sun, including backwoods plots, and well-drained, dark/rich, sandy, rocky, or clay soils. Best results occur after applying 300 pounds of 19-19-19 fertilizer per acre. Learn more at domainoutdoor.com.

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – American Excelsior 

The Range 24 is American Excelsior’s largest personal archery range target, made from high-density layered polyethylene foam to accept field points or broadheads. This new version includes screen-printed aiming points, staggered front and back to minimize single-point wear and maximize stopping power from the most powerful bows, and to ensure the target lasts years. In addition, six-sided shooting also makes for a longer-lasting target. The large 24-inch square surface allows pinning on any target face a customer chooses and makes the ideal backstop for confidently extending a shooter’s maximum effective range without the anxiety of lost arrows. The Range 24 is lightweight, so it can be moved easily, but offers serious stopping power for today’s high-performance bows combined with easy arrow removal. The 24-by-24-by-14-inch target is made in U.S.A. Visit americanexcelsior.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Redline Bowhunting 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Redline’s RL Torch 2-Pin, in Fixed Bracket and Dovetail models, follow the company’s mission of solving real-world problems. Torch sights are rugged and built to offer flawless performance. Most unique is the sight’s integrated, USB-rechargeable, four-stage sight light, which runs 8 hours while requiring only one hour to charge. It includes right and left yardage tapes, self-lubricating brass micro windage adjustment, dual vertical pins (.019-inch) and (.010-inch, adjustable), internal metal pointers, and a dual-gear, wheel-driven slider. The quick flip adjustable hard stop allows quick yardage adjustment, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments and a bubble level provided. The Fixed Bracket weighs 11 ounces, Dovetail 13 ounces. Each will be available in red or grey. This is the first product released under the company’s Project Red program that gives participants a voice in developing new products. Visit redlinebowhunting.com to learn more. 

Scent Thief 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023

Bowhunting and Archery Gear for 2023 – The Scent Thief Combo Pack includes a 12-ounce spray bottle and 32-ounce refill. It is compact enough to fit in a hunting pack for on-the-go scent control. The combo boasts patented No Smell Technology, which relaxes an animal’s olfactory epithelium—the area of the nose responsible for smell—temporarily diminishing game animals’ ability to detect threatening odors such as those released by humans. The ability to ignore the wind and hunt any stand any time gives hunters a huge advantage. Scent Thief products are made with ingredients that are safe for skin, clothing, and the environment. Other No Smell Technology products from Scent Thief include Body Wash, Shampoo, Laundry Detergent, and No Smell Wafers. Also, hunters can purchase the Scent Thief Trophy Pack that contains the complete line of No Smell products. Further, these products are made in the U.S.A. Visit scentthief.com to learn more. 

Thorn Broadheads 

In the world of fixed-blade broadheads, Thorns Broadheads’ The Crown certainly stands out. There really is nothing else like it. The Crown broadhead holds a stack of four different blade diameters arranged in a helix pattern. Working from the bottom up, the twin-blade diameters are one inch wide, stepping up to 0.875- and 0.75-inch and 0.625-inch set at the top. The aluminum ferrule has a conical titanium tip. The 440 stainless steel blades are .032-inch thick and razor sharp. The overall broadhead design provides true field-point accuracy and opens a serious wound channel for maximum hemorrhaging. Blades are held in place by four steel ball bearings that lock each blade set solidly when the tip is fully tightened. The 100- or 125-grain heads are just the ticket for today’s high-performance compounds, and especially crossbows. Visit thornbroadheads.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – BCY 

BCY has been in the bowstring-material business 32 years, distinguishing itself as the leader in cutting-edge bowstring materials. The company earned this standing by keeping their finger on the pulse of the fiber industry, discovering and utilizing the latest materials that create the bowstrings and buss cables necessary for today’s high-performance bows and crossbows. BCY continually researches and experiments with the latest approaches to adapting high-tech fibers to better serve the bowstring market. The latest introduction is BCY Mercury 2 Bowstring. It includes a larger diameter than the original and utilizes hugely popular Mercury material, making it better suited for bowstrings and cable used on high-performance bows and crossbows. It is made from high-strength Dyneema, so Mercury 2 Bowstring ensures low creep, remarkable strength, and exceptional abrasion resistance.Visit bcyinc.com to learn more. 


The Lowdown Viewer continues to evolve thanks to new features and upgrades that ensure it is the most feature-packed and useful trail camera SD card viewer available. Advanced features allow viewing trail camera images and videos in the field, fast and easy. The newest Viewer includes two full-sized SD card ports—one for captured images and videos, a second for storage—compatible with cards up to 128GB. A 9-inch screen and new Scroll Bar feature allow moving through a loaded SD card quickly with the swipe of a finger. The new Snap Shot feature also allows users to pause videos or zoom in on a still image and move the single-frame snapshot or enlarged image to the save card. The Lowdown Viewer can also be used to format SD cards and a new Navigator Help System instructional video is built right into the Viewer, making it easier to get started. The unit is rechargeable at home or in a vehicle. Visit lowdownviewer.com to learn more. 

Athens Archery 

The 32-inch, 4.2-pound Elevate by Athens Archery holds a new low profile molded grip providing additional comfort while maintaining the same grip profile Athens is known for. The RT-X cam system now includes a Rev 2 module infinitely adjustable for draw length and let-off between 70 and 90 percent. The draw stop is 55 percent larger to provide a more solid back wall. The Elevate is based on the company’s lightest riser to date, and includes a rear QAD Integrate rest dovetail and front Picatinny rail for that style sight—both approaches that improve bow balance. Athens’ popular TCS (Tunable Cable System) roller guard, Limb-Lok pocket system, and 1-inch-wide split limbs with a past parallel limb design are also included. Low-profile X-Out limb dampeners by Mountain View Products ensure silence and a shock-free shooting experience. The Elevate promises 345 fps IBO speeds. See athensarchery.com

Rocky Mountain Game Calls & Supplies 

New for 2023 from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Supplies, in collaboration with legendary call maker Rockie Jacobsen, is the innovative NSU frame on three diaphragms: White The Moonphase, red The Warrior, and navy The Monarch. The NSU consists of a recessed latex and palate plate that places the tongue in the correct position, providing novice users a better feel for how a diaphragm works. This is the easiest diaphragm on the market to use and fits the widest variety of palates. The original palate plate brought a design to the market that has allowed those with a gag reflex to use a diaphragm by positioning it further forward in the mouth. With the added NSU technology, it has taken the guesswork out of proper tongue placement. The Moonphase best fits those with a flatter palate while The Warrior and The Monarch are compatible with medium palates. Visit buglingbull.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Killer Food Plots 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Customers seeking a hardy food plot option requiring minimal care should look no further than Killer Food Plots’ Deepwoods blend. Minimal sunlight, poor soil quality? No problem. Versatile Deepwoods seed blend was created by KFP to grow large quantities of high-quality game forage with minimal ground preparation. Deepwoods seed blend is a favorite among land managers and hunters faced with low pH soils, areas that are very dry or wet, or spots that receive spotty sunlight. It’s also the answer for landowners or managers addressing plots with limited access, or those who are forced to work with minimal equipment such as ATVs. A half acre of quality forage can be grown with an 8-pound bag, providing an annual blend of KFP Winter Rye, KFP Winter Wheat, KFP Rape, KFP Radishes, and KFP Crimson White Clover. The blend allows planting spring or winter. Visit killerfoodplots.com to learn more. 

Galaxy Archery by Lancaster Archery 

The Galaxy Sage is a beautiful takedown recurve bow ideal for any archer but especially for traditional bowhunters and recreational shooters at the entry or intermediate level. Limbs and riser combined produce an all-wood recurve bow measuring 62 inches long. The riser is a laminated mixture of Dymondwood, oak, and hard maple. It includes metal limb pockets that center the limbs precisely every time the bow is assembled. While the Sage is ideal for shooting off the shelf from a traditional rug rest, it also includes brass bushings to accept a sight, plunger, and stabilizers for an Olympic setup. The limbs feature hard maple cores backed and faced with black fiberglass. They are available in 5-pound increments from 20-55 pounds and attach to the riser via screw-in metal bolts. Phenolic-reinforced tips accommodate Fastflight-style bowstrings. Visit galaxyarchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – APA Archery 

APA Archery’s Twister arrow rests provide complete arrow control combined with drop-away action. The all-new APA Twister 360 Arrow Rest is a further refinement of that trusted design. The arrow rest allows shooters to employ 3- or 4-fletch arrows, nocked in any conceivable position, while guaranteeing complete clearance and clean flight. This feature also allows tuning arrows for dynamic spine. This is a limb-driven design, so setup is fast and easy, and the containment loop includes a side loading feature and incorporates APA’s forward launch position for increased efficiency and accuracy. The rest includes all-metal construction for strength and durability and comes complete with noise dampening fleece for whisper quiet operation. The Twister 360 makes a perfect choice for APA bows, as well as all other brands and models. Visit apaarchery.com to learn more. 

Pine Ridge Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Pine Ridge Archery’s Kwik Stand is a great way to keep many bow models out of the dirt and close at hand while hunting from a ground blind or making the rounds on a summer 3-D course. Pine Ridge is now offering the Kwik Stand Rail Mount, which provides a way to keep a crossbow’s limbs and cams off the ground and out of the dirt. It can also be used as a bipod rest via the adjustable Kwik Stand legs. The U.S.-made Rail Mount is molded from high-density nylon and can be attached to any crossbow with a lower Picatinny rail. It won’t create added noise or vibrations if left in place while shooting and the precision design ensures a secure fit. The system can also be adapted to a rifle to replace a heavy bipod. Pine Ridge offers a package deal including a black Kwik Stand and Rail Mount or the Rail Mount can be purchased alone. Visit pineridgearchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Maple Leaf Press 

New for the coming year, World Archery chose a triangular 3-spot target for the 2023 World Archery World Series. Maple Leaf is the only licensed provider of official targets. These faces will be available in two versions: Inner 10-ring for the compound shooter (TA-3X40W-C) and regular 10-ring for the recurve shooter (TA- 3X40W-R). They include the colorful and traditional center yellow and outer red- and blue-ring theme. They’re printed on the highest quality stock for durability and weather resistance. The extra 10-ring was removed from compound targets to make it easier for TV viewing audiences to understand what is being used as the scoring ring for the respective type of shooter. Maple Leaf Press has added the World Archery World Series two faces to their regular line of targets so customers can train in the same conditions as World Archery shoots. Call (616) 846-8844 or contact info@mapleleafpress.com

Ani-Logics Outdoors 

Ani-Logics’ new Black Ops Bear Special Forces Berry Blast and Molasses & Anise one Gallon Liquid attractants provide sweet liquid temptation. They accomplish this with the aroma of ripe wild berries or molasses and anise to attract more bears to bait sites. Just shake and pour to deploy the irresistible syrup and create fast and effective long-range bear attraction. The liquid formulas offer long-lasting, and far-reaching attraction that keeps bears investigating even if bait runs dry. These products implement the most up-to-date technology in the hunting industry, allowing hunters to top-dress their bait piles or soak it into logs or stumps in places where bait is not legal (always check local game laws). The ready-to-use liquid is delivered in mess-proof one gallon jugs to make it easy to store, pack, and deploy. Better yet, once bears visit a bait site, the liquid sticks to their paws, effectively creating scent trails to bring more bears into those sites. Visit anilogics.com to learn more. 

Lakewood Products 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Lakewood’s Single 41-inch Bow Case COMBO now offers wider bow storage space so bows can be stashed with an attached quiver, while including additional Arrow and Accessory Cases. The sturdy case includes Lakewood’s trademark top-loading, drop-in design that eliminates the need to lay the case flat for access. The nylon and poly exterior fabric is super rugged. Its rectangular shape grants the user ample gear storage, the case is reinforced by durable ABS plastic, and the interior is lined with foam to keep bows and gear protected. Also, the zippers merge to be locked, a shoulder strap is included, and D-rings are sewn in for tie down or additional locking points. A separated compartment holds up to 18 arrows. The 41-by-8.75-by-17.5-inch case has a 40-by-4.25-by-16-inch interior and is 100 percent American-made and includes a lifetime warranty. Visit lakewoodproducts.com to learn more. 

Victory Archery 

The RIP-SS by Victory features proprietary construction resulting in a nail-tough .204-inch diameter shaft that accentuates penetration and offers real-world wind-bucking abilities on longer shots. Victory fuses a layer of stainless-steel mesh inside an industry-leading 90-degree, 3K carbon weave. The result is a shaft that is lighter than previous Xtorsion and VAP SS options, capable of delivering faster arrow speeds combined with a higher F.O.C. balance that boosts momentum through game with added forgiveness and tuning ease. This creates a just-right hunting-weight arrow ideal for modern bow equipment and the longer shots seasoned bowhunters are confident taking. They can be ordered in Elite with +/- .001-inch straightness tolerances, Gamer with .003 straightness, and Sport with .006. Spine ratings of .250 to .400 are offered, each spine aligned and fitted with SHOK SS inserts and IP nocks. Visit victoryarchery.com to learn more. 

Primal Outdoors 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The OutPOST-360 LIVEstream Game Camera by Primal Outdoors provides live viewing of images and video on a smartphone, even from thousands of miles away. The OutPOST-360 camera is constantly connected to the cellular network, allowing access any time of the day or night. This is also the only livestream game camera featuring 360-degree pan viewing and 100-degree tilt control capabilities, all manipulated live via an Apple or Android iphone. The lens provides 89-degree viewing and night vision, with a PIR detection range of 20 yards during daylight, or 16 yards at night. The OutPOST-360 can view game at more than 100 yards. The unit comes with a heavy-duty rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extra-long battery life and includes an integrated solar panel to extend battery life. The company’s PrimalCAM app is free with no ads and can be used to manage multiple cameras. Visit primaloutdoors.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – SlickTrick 

In a departure from the company’s 100 percent steel, fixed-blade broadheads, SlickTrick’s new Torch is a rear-deploying mechanical broadhead. This advanced mechanical is crafted from top-quality materials and includes tight tolerances. This is a durable, wide-cutting, super-accurate option designed to inflict devastating entry and exit holes to put game down fast. Its slim ferrule holds a cutting titanium tip designed for precision and deep-driving penetration. The two surgical-grade, rear-deploying expandable blades open to 2 inches upon impact. A stainless-steel blade retention system ensures heads stay closed in flight for field-point accuracy. This all-new, double-faceted Deadbolt Deployment retention mechanism is dependable even at modern crossbow speeds and no rubber band or O-rings are required. The 100-grain broadhead is offered in three packs. Visit slicktrick.net to learn more. 


Bowhunting and Archery Gear – TrophyLine’s new Onyx Platform is set to launch at the ATA Show, along with the company’s new Venatic Saddle Kit and Palisade Pack. The Onyx was designed to end the platform debate, offering the perfect fusion of the company’s EDP and Mission platform dimensions and the angles of the Wingman. This produces a platform of the ideal size and function. The angled perimeter on all three sides includes non-slip ridges, providing maximum contact and foot comfort in any position. The Onyx is a saddle platform that offers a better solution and greater comfort when leaning, rolling to stand, or turning to shoot on a shooter’s weak or off side. The platform was built with the new Claw design: a single cast post, standoff, and stomp pad built and integrated into a single unit. The 4.5-pound Onyx Platform measures 14.9-by-13 inches. Visit trophyline.com to learn more. 

HHA Sports 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The Short Bar Tetra RYZ 2-Pin by HHA Sports was created due to high customer demand, two decades of single pin technology coming together to provide the ultimate sight for both bowhunters and 3D shooters. The RYZ offers the benefits of a multi-pin sight in a mover platform. With a silky 2.1 inches of travel, each Tetra RYZ will feature the company’s longest sight tapes ever. Reasonable pin spacing will give shooters the ability to quickly adjust on the fly without needing to let down. Sight-in is also easier. Shoot at 20 and 60 yards while aiming with the top pin, and the 2nd pin and needle will automatically be set. The Tetra RYZ will come in models including a fixed frame, two different dovetail length options, and a Hoyt Picatinny frame. All RYZ dovetails are compatible with the Mathews Bridge-Lock system. Visit hhasports.com to learn more.

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Nose Jammer 

Nose Jammer is now offering all key products in a single package: The Silent Series. This series provides a comprehensive lineup of Nose Jammer technology in a dead-quiet package including 4-ounce Silent Pump Spray, 2-ounce Rub On Wax Stick with time release formula, and 28-gram Dust for wind detection and protection. Nose Jammer also offers an extensive product lineup, including soap, deodorant, laundry detergent, and wipes. Nose Jammer uses advanced olfactory-jamming technology, combining entirely natural elements to effectively overload an animal’s sense of smell using concentrated doses of organic aromatic compounds. The natural compounds do not alarm game, so they remain relaxed. Combining these elements using their proprietary process allows Nose Jammer to incorporate them into a wide variety of products hunters can use to camouflage their smell. Visit nosejammer.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Bow Spider 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The Bow Spider has a hollow polymer puck in tan, green, or black, each including a slot that accepts a slip-in, bow-mounted post that attaches securely to just about any compound bow riser. A belt loop and mounting straps allow holding a bow at the hip or attaching it to a daypack, while also leaving it instantly and quietly available. Additional mounting screws are provided for mounting the puck in other places, such as behind a truck seat for safe transport, or on a shop wall for off-season storage. New for the year, the bow attachment post now includes two flats that allow for easier installation and removal when the post is mounted without the L bracket. The new version also features a rubber scratch guard to protect bows from marring or gouges in the finish. Bow Spider now offers a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation edition and is part of the RMEF group of sponsored products. Visit bowspider.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – T.R.U. Ball 

T.R.U. Ball’s Trident Flex and Trident Pro Flex thumb-activated/T-handle releases for 2023 feature all-aluminum bodies to create an unbelievable trigger feel, coupled with an extremely light handle weight. Both Trident Flex releases are the first high-end thumb activated, target and hunting release that automatically reset. The Trident Pro Flex features a half nickel plated brass/half aluminum body for added mass. Both feature hardened stainless steel internal components, including the Tri-Star Hook System with an added magnet that resets the sear after firing. The absence of a cocking mechanism ensures silence and crisp triggering. Both feature individual trigger travel adjustment and trigger sensitivity adjustment screws with locks. All Trident Flexes are available in three finger options with the ability to purchase four finger attachments separately. Visit truball.com to learn more. 

Last Chance Archery 

Last Chance Archery’s Limb Lock Kit works in conjunction with the company’s bow presses to safely service compound bows with past-parallel limb geometry. The kit includes finger heads that rotate to keep the limb fully enclosed through the entire pressing process. In addition, Limb Locks keep limb tips contained during tension. Foam covered rollers and rubber-coated fingers are used to eliminate marring or damage to limbs. The kit is available in Standard or Ultimate to fit any Last Chance Archery bow press. The Limb Lock Finger replaces standard fingers and the lower rollers bolt to the existing support arm of any Last Chance Archery bow press model. All parts included are adjustable to safely accommodate various bow models. The Limb Lock Fingers use a rotating head design to keep the limbs safely contained and secure from slippage, no matter the angle of the limbs being pressed. Visit lastchancearchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Q2i Archery 

Fusion vanes by Q2i Archery offer some of the toughest, brightest, and most reliable fletching options in the industry. Q2i Archery listens to customer requests and is continually introducing new colors and profiles to meet the demands of dealers and customers as well as their evolving needs. Teal and violet were added recently, helping more customers create a matching custom bow setup. Q2i Archery also added the Fusion XII 2.5-inch vane to their lineup, a design that has become extremely popular with target and mechanical-broadhead shooters. This proved the missing link and is a fantastic vane for bowhunting and 3-D archery. As with all Q2i vanes, they include the company’s Duo-Poly base, which requires no vane prep and provides easy fletching with adhesion second to none. They are available in 12 great colors. Q2i invites you to stop by their ATA Show booth for free samples. Visit q2iarchery.com to learn more. 

Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The all-new CBE Trek Pro mover sight offers versatility. Fine tuning the Trek Pro involves sighting in at 30 and 60 yards and then affixing one of the 14 laser-engraved aluminum sight tapes that corresponds to the gaps. The sight includes micro-adjustable windage and elevation with a top pin dead stop controlled through Rapid Drive Technology. It features two yardage pointers to handle any distance. Also included are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments, and it is compatible with left- or right-hand shooters and most quivers. Twelve inches of fiber optics back each protected Blade Pin (.010- or .019-inch). Look for them in 1-, 3-, or 5-pin setups with interchangeable peep alignment rings and a rheostat light. The lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum construction and carbon extension dovetail make it light for superior bow balance. The new Bridge-Lock Conversion Bar is compatible with this sight. Visit custombowequipment.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Axion Archery 

Axion Archery was founded in 2008 for the sole purpose of building a better bow sight for the archery community. Ten years later, they’d grown into a true accessory powerhouse, providing top quality sights, stabilizers, arrow rests, and quivers. The Envy Pro Stabilizer by Axion is an all CNC machined aluminum design that holds a Mathews Harmonic Lite Damper and two Mathews Flat Dampers inside a heavily skeletonized cage-like tube. This compact and lightweight stabilizer design does the work of a much bulkier and heavier stabilizer model, providing maximum vibration dampening and ample stabilization. This serves to reduce shot vibrations and hush every shot to reduce the frequency of string-jumping deer. The stabilizer includes a high-tech, snazzy Shark Tooth endcap. Visit axionarchery.com to learn more. 


Mathews Phase4 series bows, in 29 and 33 models, are the company’s 2023 flagships. New Bridge-Lock Stabilizers Technology compliments Mathews’ Integrate rest mounting and Bridge-Lock Sight Technology and further streamlines accessory integration. The Phase4 still accommodates last year’s sleek LowPro Quivers, Stay Afield System (SAS), and Silent Connection System (SCS). Bridge-Lock Stabilizers dovetail through the center of riser, offering better balance, and are adjustable in 0.5-inch increments. Also new are Resistance Phase Damping Technology (RPD) limbs. These quad limbs each include a band of rubberized material running through their centers to dampen vibrations and shot noise. Mathews’ Nano 740 Harmonic Damper, Extended Bridge riser, Centerguard Cable Containment system, and Crosscentric Cam with SwitchWeight Technology remain. Visit mathewsinc.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Bowhilt 

For 2023, Bowhilt designed an incredible heated bow grip that will change the way customers hunt on those cold months during the fall and winter seasons. Aluminum risers can become cold to the touch during chilly treestand sits, but the Bowhilt allows customers to keep their fingers and hands nice and warm with the specially-designed heated grip. Even when operating with snowy conditions or rain-soaked hands, the Bowhilt provides a secure grip. Every Bowhilt grip is molded with quality and precision. The specialized material offers exceptionally low thermal transmission to ensure hands remain warm while hunting in cold weather, making these grips a must in virtually any winter environment. A warm bow hand can make all the difference in getting off that perfectly-executed shot in cold conditions and Bowhilt heated grips make that easy. Stop by their ATA Show booth, IZ-27. Visit bowhiltgrips.com to learn more. 

Omega Sight 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Omega introduces the 2023 Hawkeye, which offers a host of features including a digital reticle sight, continuous rangefinder, HD video camera, and new Night Vision with detachable IR flashlight. A new 50mm Sony hi-resolution camera and processor is also included. There’s also a “Companion-Sharing” option via a built-in WIFI processor with a free viewing and sharing app that allows a companion up to 10 feet away to see the sight picture and record on an Android or IOS cellular device. The night vision package can engage targets 100-plus yards away. The Hawkeye uses CR123 batteries, offers hours of use (a 10-hour supplemental power bank available). Other features include easy setup, LCD screen, six adjustable crosshairs in four colors, and 1-4x zoom. The compact Hawkeye weighs 18 ounces. See it first at ATA Show booth #227. visit omegasights.com to learn more. 

Browning Trail Cameras 

The 2023 Dark Ops Full HD Extreme by Browning Trail Cameras is a sub-micro unit with invisible flash, a 55-degree field of view, and range-adjustable Radiant 4 LED nighttime flash. Highlights include 24MP image resolution, 80-foot detection/90-foot flash range, .135- to 0.7-second trigger speed, 1080p full HD Smart IR video with sound, Illuma-Smart IR flash technology, SD card management, and more. The unit runs on six AA batteries. Up to eight multi-shot images or eight rapid fire images may be captured. The data bar displays time, date, temperature, moon phase, camera ID and barometric pressure, the battery meter functions with any battery type, and a 12-volt external power jack is included. It accommodates SD cards up to a 512GB SDXC memory card and is compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software. Visit browningtrailcameras.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – GAS Bowstrings 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – GAS Freakshow Bowstrings are made to Jesse “The Freakshow” Broadwater’s specifications from premium BCY 452x material to provide one of the most consistent and stable high-performance bowstrings around. Freakshow Bowstrings feature GAS’ exclusive TTS (Total Tensioning System) process, eliminating peep rotation, serving separation, and stretch. Additionally, they are built with exclusive FTS (Freakshow Thermal System) to add that extra bit of stability that is not found in run-of-the-mill bowstrings. Coming in natural, cream-colored string with clear serving and black Freakshow shrink tube, they match just about any bow on the market. Black Powergrip center serving is standard on all Freakshow Bowstrings. As with all GAS Bowstrings, the Freakshow strings are covered by a one-year guarantee against peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation. Visit gasbowstrings.com to learn more. 

Odin’s Innovations 

Odin’s Innovations has experienced unstoppable momentum in 2022 that has carried into 2023. Odin’s newest products have been well received by both dealers and customers with brisk sales continuing. The company’s scent-infused, biodegradable polymer pellets offer an efficient, longer-lasting scent delivery system that is legal in every state that allows scent products. They disperse scent for up to 30 days, are moisture proof, and are 100 percent biodegradable. Apple, acorn, dominant buck, doe-in-estrous, and scrape blend synthetic scents have been mainstays, with newer options now offered for black bear and hog hunters. Those options include sweet corn, vanilla, jelly donut, peanut butter, and cherry pie. Newer citronella pellets can also be used to repel pesky insects around stands or ground blinds. Long-lasting Odin’s scent pellets minimize intrusion into hunting areas to keep them undisturbed and fresh. Visit odinsinnovations.com to learn more. 

Urban Archery Outfitters 

Thrill of the Outdoors and its subsidiary Urban Archery Outfitters are launching a game-changing service that will bring the outdoor industry together like never before. Retailers, it will drive traffic and revenue to your store. Manufacturers, it will market and sell your products. And it will boost your online presence. Introducing the industry’s first national outdoor recreation rewards program built on NFT technology that is blockchain, stackable, and transferable between account holders. This service provides individuals with rewards points called Big Game Bucks, which work like sky miles, but instead of free access to flights, it provides free access to private hunting land across the US, access to special events and trade shows, and much more! The vision and mission started when the founder was sitting on a stand in an overcrowded WMA asking himself, “How can this change?” The answer was simple, “Provide hunters more accessible places to hunt.” For the 2023 hunting season, the rewards points can be redeemed to give hunters access to properties nationwide, and participate in trade shows and events. Manufacturers, retailers, and service providers across the industry can also drive revenue and increase product and brand awareness by offering rewards points to purchase goods and services. Online presence will also increase by utilizing the social media influencer program with their proprietary technology and Big Game Bucks. This is all based on a unique patent-pending system in which hunters earn rewards points by viewing promotional content of industry products and services, and by visiting retail locations. This universal industry-wide rewards program is fully transferable. This would also benefit, promote, and drive financial support to socially impactful nonprofit organizations across the country. This service provides urban hunting settings on larger tracts of watershed and undeveloped areas, as well as opportunities in rural areas. Plans are also currently underway for larger open land, managed through Thrill of the Outdoors or future subsidiaries. By using this innovative platform combined with your products and services, this will surely capture the attention of bowhunters everywhere. Visit UrbanArcheryOutfitters.com to learn more. 

Carter Enterprises 

Based on Carter’s 1st Choice release, the Wise Choice now includes an index finger hole. The Wise Choice is a thumb-activated/T-handle-style release with an index-finger hole milled into the aluminum body to assist with consistent index-finger placement and to provide added gripping security. The Wise Choice includes the same auto-closing jaw that makes hook-up to a D-loop fast and easy, and uses the Controlled Engagement System requiring no trigger adjustment. The release can be spring tension adjusted. Carter added a new wrist lanyard system, which can be removed for treestand hunters wishing to clip the release on a D-loop, or worn on the wrist during spot-and-stalk hunts. The handle is the same universal fit popular with the 1st Choice and Too Simple, with a hole that allows shooting while wearing light hunting gloves when cool. It is available in 3- and 4-finger versions. Visit carterenterprises.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Ballista 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Ballista BAT Reverse is one of the most revolutionary crossbows on the market. This is the world’s fastest reverse-draw pistol crossbow. It produces bolt velocity up to 420 fps, which is unheard of in pistol crossbows. It is equipped with 150-pounds limbs. The innovative cocking system is designed to make sure that maximum force applied over the entire length of the power stroke does not exceed 40 pounds. This makes it easy for women and teenagers to load the crossbow. Just pull the handle to cock the crossbow. In a matter of seconds it’s ready to fire. In addition, Ballista BAT Reverse crossbow is so compact it doesn’t need a special case. It easily fits into a 30-liter backpack, which most customers likely already have on hand, without any parts protruding. It is fast, compact, and powerful—a true novelty among pistol crossbows. Visit ballista.co to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Stealth Cam 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Stealth Cam’s all-new DECEPTOR cell camera raises the technology bar yet again by merging two network carriers—AT&T and Verizon—in a single unit. With preinstalled SIM cards for both carriers and an auto-detect feature that senses the best signal, the DECEPTOR is better able to overcome changing signal propagation and maintain a link between camera and mobile device. Also included is an ON DEMAND function, allowing near-real-time image and video through the Stealth Cam Command Pro app. Images are captured in resolutions from 4MP to 40MP with full-sound video captured at QHD 1440p. The 36-piece NoGlo LED array provides detection and flash range to 80 feet, combined with .4-second trigger speed and adjustable 5- to 180-second recovery timeout. The data stamp includes time, date, moon phase, temperature, and camera name. This unit retails for less than $150. Visit stealthcam.com to learn more. 

REK Broadheads 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

REK Broadheads come in three designs: 2-blade mechanical, 2-blade fixed/replaceable-blade, and 4-blade fixed/replaceable-blade—all weighing 100 grains. They include rugged, hardened stainless steel cutting tips, 7075-grade aluminum ferrules, standard 8.32-inch threads, and .039-inch-thick stainless-steel blades. The REK XP 2-blade expandable includes the company’s Spring Lock Retention System and opens to 1.85 inches on impact. The ferrule allows interchanging fixed or mechanical blades. As for the 1.2 Fixed Blade Broadhead, it features a 1.25-inch-wide, 2-blade design, also interchangeable with fixed or mechanical blades. Finally, the FX4 Fixed Broadhead includes a 1.125-by-0.75-inch cutting dynamic. All provide field-point flight characteristics, making them compatible with the fastest compounds or crossbows. Visit rekbroadheads.com to learn more.

Black Ash Outdoor Products 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The Treestand Wingman Emergency Descender System by Black Ash Outdoor Products is designed to protect hunters from compression injuries and suspension trauma sustained after a fall from a treestand. It’s made to lower hunters to the ground in a smooth, controlled manner, even if that person is unconscious. Simply secure the unit to any commercially produced full-body safety harness to drastically reduce the risk of injury and even death should a fall occur. According to the manufacturer, the Treestand Wingman reduces impact force by 66 percent compared to standard lanyard systems associated with most four-point safety harnesses. The fall rate is adjustable and the unit meets OSHA 1926.502 and ANSI Z351 safety standards. The Wingman can be reused after deployment and is suitable for hunters weighing from 70 to 300 pounds. The package weighs less than 2 pounds and is patented. Visit treestandwingman.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Half Rack 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Any hunter who owns a number of compound bow or rifles needs a convenient and safe way to hang them on the wall of a “man cave,” shop or storage area, without worry of marring finishes, damaging bow strings or the weapon falling off the hooks. The Half Rack HUNTER HANGER answers the call for a tough and dependable weapons and gear hanger. This American-made hanger is perfect for displaying the widest compound bow models or nearly any rifle. While it will hold the widest compound bow safely and securely, the frontal diameter is also small enough to fit through the trigger guard of just about any rifle or shotgun. The one-piece construction is tough and secure. Simply thread two HUNTER HANGERS at the appropriate spacing into your wall of choice and they are ready to accept your gear. A two-pack costs only $11.99, so customers can afford to buy a set for every one of their weapons. Visit half-rack.com to learn more. 

.30-06 Outdoors 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Modern bows and crossbows deserve modern lubricants, and The SNOT Station 78-Piece Display from .30-06 Outdoors assembles all the company’s most popular advanced archery lubrication products in one convenient countertop display. The Station holds 30 StringSNOT Lubricants, 12 ArrowSNOT Lubricants, 12 RailSNOT Crossbow Lubricants, 12 BowSNOT Parts Pen Oilers, and 12 X-Fuel Crossbow Rail Fluids. The company’s SNOT products include a precision blend of oils, greases, and wax slipperier and more efficient than traditional bow string waxes. The product doesn’t gather dust and debris and enhances any bow or crossbow’s performance and longevity. Better yet, it’s 100 percent odorless and waterproof, nontoxic, and made in the U.S.A. Choosing the 78-Piece Display saves dealers money compared to purchasing smaller quantities of product.
Visit 30-06outdoors.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – AXCEL Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – AXCEL’s Landslyde Carbon Pro mover sight with Ranger Ring Pin is new for 2023, the Ranger Ring Pin offered separately or on a complete sight. The Ranger Ring Pin is a removeable cartridge that fits into the new AVX scope housing and holds two .225-inch-gapped green top and red bottom pins. Pin diameters of .019- or .010-inch can be ordered for the AVX 31 or AXV 41 scope heads. The Landslyde Carbon Pro has AXCEL’s renowned ultra-smooth and quick adjust knob for micro and macro adjustments. The removable scope block can be changed quickly to allow one sight to serve multiple purposes, and the sighting system accepts all AXCEL metal two-sided sight tapes. Other features include two adjustable red pointers, increased windage travel, independent 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments, and adjustable dead stop. The sight is U.S.A. made. Visit axcelarchery.com to learn more. 

Vapor Trail Scents 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

The Vapor Maker scent dispersal system by Vapor Trail Scents includes a 12-ounce, pump-up atomizing, scent eliminating, attractant dispensing system that helps any hunter combat human odors in the field. It includes a 3-foot-long hose that allows hunters to spray down their entire body, including their back. Also featured is an adjustable valve at the end of the hose that allows users complete control while spraying, meaning hunters can spray down from head to toe in approximately 10 seconds and not miss spots. The 33 Point Buck is the only scent eliminator and attractant in one on the market today, and when paired with The Vapor Maker it makes an awesome hunting tool. The best part of 33 Point Buck? It’s all natural, made only from plants growing around the company’s Mississippi and Louisiana hometowns. Visit vaportrailscents.com to learn more. 

Half Rack 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The MEAT LUG by Half Rack offers a handy and clean way to transport and store meat on a hunt, while packing away compactly when not in use. The MEAT LUG is lightweight and foldable to make packing for a big hunt easier. Unlike a traditional hard-sided cooler, the MEAT Lug doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be lifted easily by anyone. With the increase in public land hunting and out-of-state forays, Half Rack recognized the massive need for the MEAT LUG for storing meat after a successful hunt. This soft-sided cooler is 100 percent waterproof, so it won’t leak blood or fluids into your vehicle. It is food safe to use for picnicking or a weekend trip to a hunting camp. And it is designed to hold an entire deboned deer, pronghorn or average-sized hog. Best of all, the MEAT Lug costs less than $150—a bargain compared to comparable big-name products. Visit half-rack.com to learn more. 

Scorpion Venom Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Polymeric Bowstring Fluid from Scorpion Venom is part of the company’s advanced archery-specific lubricants that boost the performance of modern compound bows. This product offers cutting-edge technology that produces a highly flexible protective and lubricating coating for bowstrings/buss cables. The liquid formula penetrates deep into string and cable strands and bundle cores to eliminate friction on buried fibers standard string wax can’t reach. It’s easy to apply: Run the applicator head over strings or cables one or two times on surfaces that do not contact the bow/cams and allow to dry for three minutes. The special formula makes dulled sting colors pop back to life and look like new. Polymeric Bowstring Fluid reduces friction, is 100 percent odor free, and helps waterproof strings and cables against harsh weather. This product can be finished with Polymeric Wax for further protection. Visit scorpionvenom-archery.com to learn more. 

Red Hot Crossbow Accessories 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Red Hot Crossbow Accessories is the industry’s direct source for all Parker Crossbows parts and accessories. Ridgemont Outdoors recently purchased Parker Crossbow assets, including all proprietary patents, trademarks, molds, and tooling for the manufacture of Parker parts. Most importantly, Ridgemont Outdoors acquired the premium line of Red Hot Crossbow Accessories. This includes popular Parker Hunter and Red Hot Crossbow bolts with capture nocks, Red Hot Crosspro Broadheads, Tri Loc crossbow quivers, EZ Roller rope cockers, Sidewinder Crank cockers, and Parker crossbow discharge bolts. Red Hot accessories are compatible with nearly all other crossbow brands and models. All products are still proudly made in the U.S.A. by American workers. If you have customers requesting replacement parts for Parker Crossbows, this is your solution. Visit ridgemontoutdoors.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – NEXCAM 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

The Axis RG 360 EXPLORER Chair from NEXCAM includes a V2 Shooting Rest and is ready to ship. This is a first of its kind, patent-pending, dual-axis swivel and tilting shooting chair with optional shooting rest. The Axis RG 360 EXPLORER chair allows hunters to turn quickly and smoothly with minimal sound and movement. Sitting in a blind has never been more comfortable, as the Axis RG 360 EXPLORER chair allows shooting consistently from the same position in a high backrest with a contoured folding seat. The AXIS V2 offers an ideal shooting rest for a high-performance crossbow. The chair offers 360-degree swivel action and the contoured seat is a folding design. Other features include adjustable seat height, a large and adjustable base for stability, and powder-coated steel tubing. This is the perfect hunting chair to use inside semi-permanent or hard-sided ground blinds, providing comfort and versatility. Visit nexcam.com to learn more. 

Barnett Outdoors 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Barnett’s Hyper XP 405 is built to accommodate the company’s .204-diameter, .001-inch straightness tolerance HyperFlite bolts. The Hyper XP 405 features ultra-narrow axle-to-axle dimensions when cocked and custom composite laminated limbs minimizing weight. The parallel limb configuration, combined with a track-mounted string dampener, significantly reduces recoil and noise while enhancing accuracy. Pairing the Hyper XP 405 with 22- inch HyperFlite bolts provides 405 fps speeds and 138 foot-pounds of energy. Other features include a 3-pound TriggerTech trigger ($200 value), Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) system, bristle bolt retainer, generous pass-through foregrip, and adjustable buttstock. A 4x32mm two-color illuminated scope is included. Important specs include 7.55-pound mass, 13.4-inch power stroke, and 213-pound draw weight. This highly affordable crossbow has a Veil Cervidae camo finish. Visit barnettcrossbows.com to learn more. 

Joey’s Bowstrings 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Joey’s Bowstrings is comprised of a close network of friends inspired daily to develop and produce the best quality bowstrings available, built with an attention to the smallest details. The company strives to build the best bowstrings possible, ensuring serving separation, misaligned peeps, and string creep are eliminated. They incorporate the best materials available, using 15 years of experience, customized manufacturing equipment, and innovative processes to provide exceptional finished products. The Alpha Series incorporates a new generation of upgraded 454 to provide zero creep, zero serving separation, and zero peep rotation. The Copperhead Series uses trusted 452X, also providing zero creep, zero serving separation, and zero peep rotation. These are also offered for crossbows, Alpha using upgraded X99 and Copperhead SK99, creating some exceptional crossbow strings. Visit joeysbowstrings.com to learn more. 

The Mule Stabilizer 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – U.S.-made The Mule Stabilizers, including MACH 5 and MACH 6 models, feature a front shaped liked a saddle. This allows bowhunters to rest their forearm in the saddle while carrying and resting the bow upright to keep limbs, bowstrings/cables, and components free from damage or contamination. The MACH 5 10-inch and Mach 6 12-inch include a new quick connect Mule Mount with a securing handle that is also used as a third point grip position and carrying handle. This stabilizer has dual front ports for adding weights, a Picatinny rail, or other accessories. The MACH 5 and MACH 6 are machined with a tactical look that enhances performance by aiding in stabilization and harmonics. The front of the saddle is coated in a durable bonded Plastisol PVC that aids in dampening, vibration, and comfort when resting on the forearm. Visit aimforapassthrough.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Rungu Dualie 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Rungu Dualie Double-Wheel e-bikes provide ATV-like “Go Anywhere” performance that outclasses any comparable e-bike on the market today. Rungu’s patented double-front-wheel design is field proven, conquering famous trails like the Rubicon Trail, Poison Spider, Hells Revenge, Colorado’s famous Alpine Loop and the Mojave Road in Southern California. Voted “Texas Off-Road E-ATV of 2022,” Rungu Dualie Double Wheel Design virtually eliminates washouts and over-the-bar wipeouts common to fat-tire e-bikes. Rungu Dualie models ship throughout the United States and around the world. For purchase and dealer inquiries, contact sales@riderungu.com. To watch videos of how Rungu performs off-road, visit the YouTube channel; www.youtube. com/c/rungu. For other questions email info@riderungu. com. Rungu Dualie e-bikes are made in the USA from imported parts. Visit rungudualie.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Bohning 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bohning has recognized the explosive popularity of crossbow hunting and is striving to better serve that market in the new year. Brand new for the 2023 buying season, Bohning is offering Black Sky Crossbow Bolts in Black Sky 2.0 and Black Sky 3.0 versions. These are 20-inch pure carbon fiber bolts with a finished weight of 400 grains and offering +/- .003 straightness tolerances. Rugged brass inserts provide a high F.O.C. for greater forgiveness and down-range accuracy. The Black Sky 2.0 is fletched with three white and green, 2-inch Blazer vanes ideal for high-speed, rail-less crossbow models. The Black Sky 3.0 holds three white and red, 3-inch Shield Cut low-profile vanes better suited to high-speed standard-rail crossbow models. They come with new accuracy-enhancing 100-grain Bohning Premium Points and half-moon nocks. Visit bohning.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Hot Trails® 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Hot Trails® Scented Hunting Candles help bring deer beneath treestands and closer to blinds, as well as cover human scent. Just light up a Hot Trails® scented candle and place it safely in one of their lanterns to deploy. These compact, lightweight aluminum lanterns hold and contain Hot Trails® candles while in use, hiding the flame from approaching game. There’s even a handy hanging loop. These scented candles burn up to five hours, emitting full-strength scent from start to finish. Users have observed deer picking up Hot Trails scents from more than 500 yards downwind of a burning candle, drawing them in for a closer shot or helping control deer traffic around hunting sites when winds are not ideal. Doe-N-Heat is the most popular candle scent, however, the company offers a variety of scent options for everything from deer to black bears. Savvy hunters have been using Hot Trails® for more than 30 years to create successful hunts. Visit hottrails.com to learn more. 

Trophy Ridge 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Mathews’ Bridge-Lock Technology has become the hottest ticket in archery, and Trophy Ridge is meeting that demand with the new through-the-riser Bridge-Lock Digital React Sight. This Trophy Ridge sight uses the company’s React Technology to quickly establish exact pin gaps for various yardages and eliminates sight-in guesswork completely. The Digital React single-pin features an LED screen that supplies a digital read-out of targeted distances, allowing archers to sight in through a SPEED method—requiring one arrow be fired through a chronograph—or the conventional REACT method. The SPEED method requires an accurate arrow speed to mathematically set the distances between pin indicators. Once sighted in, archers can dial distance down to half-yard increments using the control wheel on the sight housing. The single-pin sight holds .010 or .019 diameter pins. Visit trophyridge.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Deer Smeer 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The Deer Smeer Trophy Pack is a four-product bundle that provides bowhunters with some of the most effective cover scents in the industry. Deer Smeer’s Trophy Pack puts the company’s most popular cover-scent products in one package. Each Deer Smeer Trophy Pack includes one package of Lip Balm (2-pack), one Field Spray, one Laundry Detergent, and one Shower Gel, with a bonus Deer Smeer coozie and a company decal added for free— all for less than $25. Customers can take their pick of packages including Autumn Acorn, Arctic Apple, Sub-Zero Sweet Corn, Frosted Food Plot, Wintery Walnut, Piercing Persimmon, Extreme Earth, or Permafrost Pine cover scents to best match the habitats they bowhunt most often. The 4-by-4-by- 9-inch package weighs 2.5 pounds. Visit deersmeer.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Game Sled 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Do you have customers complaining about grunting and sweating dead deer out of the woods, wondering if there’s a better way? The Game Sled II & Game Gurney makes it much easier to drag game out of the woods, saving your back and time while keeping meat cleaner and the hide neater. The Game Sled II & Game Gurney is compact enough to keep in your hunting pack and ready for action but effective for efficient game removal. The Game Sled II comes with color coded inner retainers and closure straps, changeable hardware, and fully-welded construction. The Game Sled easily handles game animals weighing up to 450 pounds, offering a slicker barrier between the ground and your game that makes dragging game out of the woods seem effortless. And the Game Sled II is tough enough to last many seasons. Visit archersight.com to learn more. 

Pulse Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – The Auto Rest Arrow Rest by Pulse Archery is a patented design that guides arrows longer and retracts faster. After the shot the Auto Rest resets itself automatically for the next shot. Unlike conventional drop-away arrow rests, the triggering cable on the Auto Rest attaches to the up cable or can be limb activated, meaning the launcher remains up and ready, as well as guiding the arrow longer to provide superior guidance and accuracy. The power retract mechanism engages and then pulls the launcher away up to five times faster than conventional spring-loaded arrow rests, providing maximum fletching clearance and straight arow flight. At the end of the cycle, the internal rotary damper continues to apply pressure on the launcher, holding it down on the bow shelf until the arrow passes completely. The launcher then returns to the ready position automatically. The rest is tested to arrow speeds of more than 400 fps. Visit pulsearchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – PSE Archery 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

PSE Archery bills the 2023 Fortis as Optimized, Enhanced and Unmatched. The Fortis comes in 30 and 33 models with corresponding axle-to-axle dimensions. The Fortis Series includes PSE’s new Full Draw Stability system, new EZ.220 Spacer System and compatible axle system, lower Kill-Shok factory-installed damper, and Traxion Tech Grip. A front Picatinny sight rail and rear Hamskea/QAD Integrate rest-attachment dovetail have been added to allow adding the latest bow accessories. The 4.3-pound Fortis 30 produces arrow IBO speeds from 335 to 345 fps through a 6.5- to 6.875-inch brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 25 to 31.5 inches. The 4.5-pound Fortis 33 pushes arrows to 340 fps via a 6.75- to 7-inch height and can be set up for draw lengths between 26 and 31.5 inches. E2, EC2, and S2 cams provide a choice of draw cycle dynamics. Visit psearchery.com to learn more. 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – Vantage Point Archery (VPA) 

Bowhunting and Archery Gear

Bowhunting and Archery Gear – VPA’s Single Bevel Broadheads have proven hugely popular, offering nail-tough, one-piece designs. After listening to customer requests, VPA expanded its Single Bevel series for 2023. New to the lineup are 125- and 175-grain Single Bevel models with both left and right bevel cutting edges. VPA Single Bevel broadheads include stout blades sharpened to a 35-degree angle to create cutting edges that can be honed to be razor sharp. They are machined from S7 Tool Steel and given an OD Green Duracote finish. Like other models, the ferrule supports the head all the way to the bone-splitting tip. The one-piece milled heads include a 58 Rockwell hardness for superior strength and edge retention. The straight-edged, single bevel edges promote deeper penetration and bloodletting by creating spiral wound channels. The lineup now includes 125- to 300-grain weights with 1.125-inch cutting diameters. Visit vparchery.com to learn more. 

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