Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock: Industry 5Q WebXtra

By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

One of the last things any hunter wants to do is lose a favorite arrow, or worst of all, lose the whole animal. The founders of Breadcrumb took this problem head on and created a solution that bowhunters around the nation are raving about. Breadcrumb is a relatively new company founded by hunters with a dream to create a revolutionary product with the potential to change the bowhunting industry. They took a giant risk, gained solid investors, and made the leap to establish as a company upon popular demand. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock solves a variety of common problems and gives bowhunters a notable edge in the field.

Breadcrumb took advantage of today’s advanced technology to turn their dreams into reality. The idea of connecting an arrow to your phone via Bluetooth quickly gained popularity, and even landed them investments from “Archer’s Choice.” Impressively, the first brand video received 12.5 million views within the first week, and hunters were begging to have these nocks released. 

This Bluetook Trackable Nock became a quick solution to a problem many bowhunters have in common. Users can now locate their equipment or a key area quickly and efficiently. When you can find your arrow, there’s a much better chance of locating the blood trail and recovering your game. There is also significant value in retrieving your arrows, as these can be pricey pieces of equipment.

The Location Marker makes it simple to track down tree stands, blinds, cameras or even another hunter. Sharing the device will allow other hunters access to the locations making it easy to find a stand in the dark, a trail camera location, or the last location of a lost hunter. The device can be activated to light up and initiate a sound beacon to easily locate its position. Breadcrumb offers an app for smartphones designed to work without cell service to track the last known location of the nock. 

Breadcrumb’s Bluetooth Trackable Nock is designed to enhance the hunting experience and make it less stressful. All aspects were developed with the user in mind including a simple one-touch button to arm, disarm or reset the nock. Connecting and sharing the device prove just as simple with minimal steps for set up. This nock not only delights customers and solves common hunting issues, but it could literally save their lives.

Learn more by visiting Breadcrumb’s website.

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