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Buck Rub Releases the New Raven Claw Launcher

ByInside Archery

Jul 6, 2018

Buck Rub Gear introduced the Magne’ Drop Arrow Rest at the 2017 ATA Show, and it made quite the impression on dealers. The Magne’ Drop was featured in Inside Archery’s “Talk of the Show” and has also appeared in must-have-gear articles. Following the great success of this rest, Buck Rub released a new magnetic secure capture drop-away rest for 2018 called the Raven Claw launcher.

The Raven Claw launcher offered as an upgrade to the original Magne’ Drop. The Raven Claw launcher offers improved arrow capture security while stalking, even with extreme upward pressure on the arrow. Capture claws fold completely flat for maximum fletch clearance and all arrow contact points are felt compatible to ensure an absolute silent draw.

Having 40 years in the industry, Greg “Kaz” Kazmierski, has seen a thing or two. He purchased the exclusive patented technology used in the former Vital Gear Kaz-Away and MagniX arrow rests. “With the Raven Claw launcher, shooters can be confident the only way their arrow is coming off the rest is when it’s launched, contact free to the target or vitals. Couple that with the features of the Magne’ Drop and you have the most rugged, durable full-capture drop-away rest in the industry.” Kaz goes on to say, “By eliminating the springs and trigger mechanisms and replacing them with Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, we were able to shorten dwell time, eliminate bounce and put an end to fatigued and broken springs, a common problem with many drop-away rests.”

The innovation of this rest allows cable-driven or limb-driven configuration and right- or left-hand application with no additional parts. The unmatched reliability of this rest is evident in the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. Installation is quick and easy with linkage cord timing easily adjusted with a compression sleeve system incorporated in the rest. Without top bar clearance issues and with micro adjustment for drop distance, final tuning is a breeze.

Buck Rub Gear is redefining what it means to build innovative archery products. For more information on the Raven Claw launcher, the Carbon Fixation Sight and the Carbon Energy Quiver released for 2018, visit Buck Rub’s website.



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