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Create High-Quality Cover Screen with Antler King’s Barricade

ByInside Archery

Mar 22, 2024

Antler King provides an easy solution for hunters and land managers to develop all-season cover with Barricade plot seed.

Formulated with a blend of grain sorghum, forage sorghum, and sorghum sudangrass, Barricade grows up to 8 feet tall, thick and fast. The annual sorghums can create funnels and travel corridors, divide food plots, grow bedding cover, block poachers, conceal ground blinds, and provide cover for sneaking into hunting spots. Barricade growth also provides a cold-weather food source well into the winter.

Barricade should be planted in the summer for full growth by hunting season. A three-pound bag, which covers ¼ acre or 100 square feet, retails for $24.99, and a 40-pound bag retails for $199.99.

To learn more about Barricade and browse the full Antler King lineup, visit antlerking.com.

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