• Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

CRÜZR Launches Highly Requested Camo Patterns for XC™ Saddle and Accessories

ByInside Archery

Jun 7, 2024

CRÜZR is excited to announce the official launch of new camo patterns for the acclaimed XC™ Saddle, a game-changer in the saddle hunting industry. Renowned for its unparalleled comfort, the XC™ Saddle is now available in MossyOak Bottomland and Skre Summit camo patterns, ensuring hunters can blend seamlessly into the treeline for an optimal hunting experience.

The introduction of these camo patterns means hunters can now match their saddle with the rest of their camo apparel, achieving a cohesive and stealthy appearance. In addition to the XC™ Saddle, CRÜZR has expanded the camo offerings to include their best-selling accessories. Hunters can now equip themselves with camo-patterned zip pouches, saddle bags, back-bands, and The Escape Pack™ in either MossyOak Bottomland or Skre Summit.

Standing out in the woods is never an advantage for hunters. Mixing different camo patterns can draw unwanted attention, which is why CRÜZR’s comprehensive camo options across all accessories provide the best chance of remaining undetected.

Discover the new camo patterns and accessories today at CRÜZR Shop.

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