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CRÜZR Seeker™

ByInside Archery

Mar 29, 2024

CRÜZR Seeker™ CRÜZR 3/28/24: As important as it is for a hunter to choose the right hunting saddle that best meets their needs and expectations, the selection of a saddle hunting platform is similarly important in determining whether their hunt will be defined by comfort or discomfort. After all, no hunter wants to be faced with the temptation to go home early and possibly miss a shot opportunity simply because the gear they’re using is uncomfortable or doesn’t work the way it should. With this in mind, CRÜZR’s engineers stayed true to the same high standards of comfort and quality while designing the Seeker™ Platform.

CRÜZR Seeker™

As a result, the CRÜZR design team cranked out another winner, and the Seeker™ was born, featuring an immediately recognizable improvement over other then available models with its ergonomically-angled front. This innovative improvement allowed users to always have their ankles positioned at a natural and comfortable angle when using the platform, regardless of whether they were sitting, standing, or leaning, and this new design feature introduced by the Seeker™ was a significant departure from the otherwise totally flat platform decks that existed on the market at that time. Engineered for maximum strength and cast from a lightweight aluminum alloy in a Tennessee foundry, the Seeker™ offered the best of both worlds, comfort and a weight-conscious design, weighing in at a mere 4.5 lbs. Experience the Difference™ today at CRUZR.com

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