2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear




The Allen Company Fat Belly Bullet Points

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

Allen developed the Fat Belly Bullet Points to make target-shooting easier and more productive. The “Fat Belly” tapered shape creates a larger diameter impact-channel than the arrow’s shaft, making them easier to remove than standard bullet points. The Fat Belly’s unique shape eases arrow-extraction from any target, including 3D, foam, fiberboard, self-healing and other material targets. Fat Belly Bullet Points’ easy-removal even extends to extremely tight grouping. Fat Belly Bullet Points also feature an integrated Stay-Tight O-Ring system, which keeps the point secure to avoid constant retightening. They’re available in 100- and 125-grain versions, with diameters of 17/64, 9/32, 5/16 and 11/32 inches. Learn more at byallen.com.









Bohning Archery Heat Vanes

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

The Bohning team engineered their new Heat Vanes to address clearance issues that some archers were encountering with bows that have cables and risers positioned closer to the center. Heat Vanes have a lower profile to address this problem. They’re 2.5-inches long, .41-inches wide and weigh 6 grains. Heat Vanes are made with a highly durable and rigid material that withstands abuse and long distance shots, and they work great with any broadhead. They’re available in packs of 36, 100 and 1,000. Learn more bohning.com.









Flex-Fletch Products

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

Flex-Fletch Products uses a special resin and exclusive manufacturing processes to create vanes that are unmatched in terms of memory and durability. This unique material also dampens arrow oscillation for excellent flight. These qualities make it clear why many of the world’s top archers use Flex-Fletch Vanes, in addition to scores of bowhunters and target shooters. Mike Schloesser, currently ranked No. 1 in his worldwide division, had this to say about Flex-Fletch: “The consistency of Flex-Fletch vanes and the durability are why I use these vanes.” Flex-Fletch offers a very wide range of colors and sizes. Learn more at flexfletch.com.










Goat Tuff GT Arrow Fletcher

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

The GT Arrow Fletcher is a compact, easy-to-use fletching tool. It brings the arrow shaft to the vane, instead of the old-fashion way of bringing the vane to the shaft. It uses Goat Tuff’s exclusive “True Contact Design,” which ensures that the shaft and vane mate together completely, consistently and accurately every time. This creates a perfect bond, regardless of the angle of the vane or the shaft size used. The GT Arrow Fletcher comes with everything needed in a small, portable unit, including Vane Nests for ½ degree, 1-degree, 2-degree, and 3-degree vanes. Learn more at goattuffproducts.com.








Saunders Archery Arrow Mate

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

N.P.V. Nock and Vane Cement, aka Arrow Mate, from Saunders Archery has created a dedicated following of users over the past few decades. This all-purpose adhesive is great for household and shop use. It dries quickly and clearly, is water- and solvent-resistant and forms a strong but flexible bond. It bonds to plastic, metal and fiberglass, and works well in damp or freezing conditions. Learn more at sausa.com.









VaneTec Heavy Duty Vane

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

VaneTec recently added the Heavy Duty, or HD, vane to its existing series of High Profile vanes. HD vanes have the same shape and weight consistency as the regular 2-inch High Profile vanes, but they’re thicker and slightly wider for additional strength and durability. They measure 2-inches long, .55-inches wide and .26-inches thick. HD vanes weigh 6.8 grains, and they’re available in 10 colors. “The new HD was specifically developed for archers who demand VaneTec accuracy with the ability to handle more abuse,” said Chris Metzgus, owner of VaneTec. Learn more at vanetec.com.


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