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Delta McKenzie Targets New Backyard 3D Mule Deer Target

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Mar 15, 2024

Delta McKenzie Targets announces a new and affordable Backyard 3D mule deer target designed to expand your backyard range. At just $199.99 MSRP, this target is the most affordable western game 3D target on the market. In addition to its life like Antlers, the replaceable core will provide the longevity backyard 3D enthusiasts have come to expect. The target stands nearly 38 inches tall and 41 inches long and will look great in anyone’s 3d assortment

 “We are extremely pleased to launch the Delta McKenzie third size backyard mule deer so soon after taking the reins at Delta McKenzie Targets,” states Al Perelli, President of Delta McKenzie Targets. “As the new owners, we will be focusing more resources on new product development to offer our customers even more variety in the Backyard 3D market. Our customers will begin to feel the impact as early as spring of 2024 when we begin shipping this mule deer target along with the largest selection of affordable backyard 3D targets in the industry.”

Delta McKenzie Targets LLC, is most known for its broad and realistic line of 3D targets that are used in the ASA competition circuit and preferred by archery clubs everywhere.  Delta McKenzie also leads the industry in Backyard 3D selection, high performance bag targets and layered block-style targets. Check out the full back yard selection at https://dmtargets.com/product-category/backyard/

Targets will continue to be sold and marketed under both the Bigshot Targets and Delta McKenzie Targets brand names.  Customers can continue to contact both companies directly through their existing contact information.

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