• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Easton Adds NEW 4mm Parallel Pro Arrows to the Acclaimed X10 Line-up

ByInside Archery

Jan 16, 2024

The archery industry is buzzing about Easton’s latest innovation—the 4mm X10 Parallel Pro. The Parallel Pro joins the acclaimed X10 line-up as an easy-tuning, lightweight, 4mm shaft offering X10 precision and quality at an attractive price. It is the perfect choice for nearly all forms of competitive archery, including recurve, compound, target, field, and barebow.

The new X10 Parallel Pro is made with advanced A/C construction with an aluminum core to meet multi-use competition field compliance standards worldwide. The weight-coded shafts seamlessly pair with Easton’s top-tier 4mm points, nocks, pins, and collar systems. These arrows are offered in 15 precise spine values ranging from 250 down to 1150.

Factory tolerances for the Parallel Pro offer the tightest standards for spine around the shaft, eliminating the need for custom alignment. What’s more, Easton’s exclusive five-point straightness check delivers match-grade accuracy in every X10 series arrow.

To learn more about the new X10 4mm Parallel Pro, see your local archery dealer or visit www.eastonarchery.com

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