• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

During the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournament awards program on May 13, Easton Technical Products will provide a prize package for the top male and female Academic Archer in each division.

NASP motivates students to work harder in the classroom! In an ongoing National NASP student survey, 42% of them have said so, and 63% of those same students indicated that NASP makes them feel more connected with their school. Easton Technical Products (ETP) is not only paying attention, but will now recognize academically successful students at the National NASP tournament. Easton Technical Products is a Gold Medal Level Sponsor of the National Archery in the Schools Program and the Title sponsor of the NASP Academic Archer program. ETP has now elected to recognize the top scoring Academic Archers competing in the 2017 NASP National Tournament in Louisville, KY on May 11- 13, 2017.

Archers in each of the three divisions – elementary, middle school and high school. Each prize package will include Easton arrows, Easton accessories, a Delta McKenzie Target and a Hoyt bow of their choice.

In its second year of implementation, Academic Archer has currently more than doubled in participants to 18,831 students enrolled. This year’s Academic Archer enrollment closes April 30, 2017. Educators and Coaches have registered these students on the NASP tournament website throughout the school year. Educator feedback indicates that Academic Archer has been successful in recognizing academic success at the local level, and was a motivational tool to push students to do their best in the classroom.

Mark Pezzoni, President of Easton Technical Products said, “I believe that our sponsorship of the NASP Academic Archer Program is one of the best investments we make here at Easton. This program is in direct alignment to our company vision: Advancing Archery’s Legacy. The Academic Archer Program is the only effort I am aware of, that ties academic achievement to archery as a competition and team sport. If you are passionate about archery and care about next generation participation, I truly know of no better program.”

Carri Garrett of Easton Technical Products said, “These students have demonstrated their excellence in the classroom as well as on the archery range. We are proud to give them tools to continue to succeed in their pursuits. We want to encourage them to build on the archery skills learned in NASP® and maximize their archery experience whether in target archery, 3D or hunting.”

Roy Grimes, president of NASP said, “We are thrilled to have Easton Technical Products (ETP) not only as a Gold level sponsor of NASP, but as the official sponsor of NASP Academic Archer. Easton understood early on that supporting academic excellence represented half of the mission of NASP. The continued emphasis that they place on supporting teachers to engage students through in-school archery is again demonstrated in this latest announcement. ETP and NASP care about how students perform in the classroom and about getting students engaged and on target for life after high school. This is a great example of how an archery industry giant decides to support something that is truly essential for student success and can lead to life success. We believe that Easton Technical Products and the people behind it care about student success!”

Dr. Tommy Floyd, NASP Vice President and General Manager commented on the announcement saying, “Easton Technical Products has always been a tremendous partner for the NASP. This is a perfect example of where a leader in the archery industry puts their money where their mouth is! Easton sends the strongest of messages – Academic success matters! NASP archers will soon understand that when you combine archery marksmanship with scholastic excellence, someone is paying attention; and not just someone, but an archery industry leader long recognized for a commitment to archery and success.

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