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Fueling you’re “A” Game with X-Fuel Crossbow Lubricant
“It’s Like Rocket Fuel for your X-bow”

ByInside Archery

Apr 26, 2024

Accessory centered company, .30-06 Outdoors LLC, introduces X-Fuel 325+ High Performance Crossbow Rail Fluid. Creating a product geared towards the faster, speed demon crossbows on today’s market.

“We always strive to do things a bit different than others, and that definitely applies to our formulas”, says Matt Minshall, Managing Member of 30-06. In this case, the X-Fuel’s formula consists of a unique synthetic blend to create a thin consistency to prevent additional weight on the string. Without lacking the formula’s intended functionality.  

Completely invisible when applied, X-Fuel is 100% odorless, 100% waterproof, and 100% Non-Toxic. The temperature tolerance allows for climate changes with no worry about freezing or overheating.  Application is straightforward with the dauber top applicator. Simply run the applicator down each side of the crossbow rail to apply the perfect amount. Protecting and preventing dust and debris particles from attaching to the crossbow barrel. 

Heat Displacement Technology (HDT) plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the product as well. HDT reduces, and in most cases eliminates heat caused by friction. Crossbow string friction causes the string’s center serving to heat up and in turn, causes premature wearing eventually limiting the crossbow’s performance. 

X-Fuel is part of the long line of lubricants offered by 30-06, including Arrow Snot and String Snot. All products designed to help prolong the life of equipment and increase their efficiency. Each featuring state-of-the-art technology and similar benefits as X-Fuel at an affordable price.

If you would like more information on this or the rest of their lubricant products, please visit your local sporting goods retailer or www.30-06outdoors.com

.30-06 Outdoors LLC was founded in 2007 to provide archers and shooting sports enthusiasts a fresh and economical source for their gear needs.

Our High-Performance Crossbow Rail Fluid is ideal for today’s top crossbows. X-Fuel is a proprietary blend specifically made for performance.

• High-Performance Crossbow Rail Fluid

• Felt Tip Applicator Applies Smooth and Even

• Will Not Gather in Trigger Assembly

• Made for Today’s Top Performance Crossbows – 325fps+

• Made in the USA

• Choose a Single for Clamshell Package or 36 count for Counter Display

Learn more at https://www.30-06outdoors.com/

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