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Lethal DIRT X3 uses a natural dirt scent that acts as a cover scent and attractant combined with Lethal’s patented human scent elimination technology. It comes with Lethal’s patented Boost Activator that, when added to the mix, provides ninety days of powerful human odor elimination effectiveness just as their original Field Spray does.

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Scent Web

Scent Web offers a scent wick plus scent all in one that reactivates when moistened by rain and/or humidity. Hunters have the ability to disperse scent from up to 10 feet away to reduce the risk of adding human odor to the environment. Up to 20 uses per bottle. Currently offered in Scrape Venom, She-Heat, and She-Duction with these additions coming soon: Elk She-Heat, Hog She-Heat, Sweet Corn, Vanilla Acorn, Apple, and Smokey Bacon.

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Scent Web

Scent WebScent Web





Heated Hunts

The Heated Hunts Electronic Heated Scent Dispenser keeps liquid hunting lures from freezing while it dispenses through the wick. The Scent Dispenser can be hung on a tree branch or placed right on the ground. It includes two wicks, a battery pack (batteries not included), weather-proof LED power switch and a 1-ounce scent reservoir. It’s also made in the USA.

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Heated HuntsHeated HuntsHeated HuntsHeated Hunts

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