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Gearhead Archery Acquired by Peterson Archery LLC

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Oct 11, 2022

Gearhead Archery Acquired by Peterson Archery LLC – Skip Peterson, President of Peterson Archery LLC is excited to be able to take over complete ownership of Gearhead Archery.

Gearhead Archery was created in 2008 by Paul Trpkovski with Skip being the machining force behind Paul’s creative new archery designs. The goal at that time was to sell the ideas to current archery manufactures.

In 2015 Gearhead Archery entered the archery market with the super compact T18 compound bow with an 18.5” ATA. Gearhead quickly grew their product line to a 20”- 24”- 30”- 33” and 36” ATA compound bows. These initial offerings had no adjustability with draw length specific cams and draw weight specific, pinned limbs.

The B Series was introduced in 2019. Gearhead listened to the customers’ desire for adjustability and delivered the most adjustable compound bow on the market today. The limb pocket allows for a 15-pound weight range. The cam has a rotational module that changes the draw length in ½” increments over a 4-inch range and multiple string posts change the draw cycle feel of the bow. Couple that with the Gearhead “Pick a Grip” slider system and the draw length can be increased or decreased in .25” increments of .50” forward or 1.25” back within the grip. The grip can also move left or right .375” in .125” increments to correct grip torque and keep the center shot aligned.

Today, Gearhead Archery has a complete product line of compound bows, crossbows, and slingshots to suit every archer’s needs and abilities. Skip Peterson said, “Gearhead has a solid foundation of producing high quality, top performing archery equipment. To be able to carry the torch into the future is an honor.”

Gearhead Archery Acquired by Peterson Archery LLC – Skip continues, “Expect more of the same with Gearhead Archery, radical looks that are superior in design and function. We need to work harder on making it more beneficial for every archery shop to carry the Gearhead brand. I am so grateful for this opportunity as a founding member of Gearhead to not only keep the brand alive, but to see it thrive in this marketplace.”

About Gearhead Archery

Gearhead Archery was launched to create innovative archery products that are designed for extreme shooting and hunting conditions. The company is made up of avid hunters who have a background in designing highly automated robotic equipment for various industries.

Gearhead Archery’s headquarters are in South Central Wisconsin. Gearhead facilities consist of 60,000 square feet of factory space with multiple departments specializing in the areas of engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, and CNC machining.

earhead Archery is a Wisconsin based archery equipment company committed to designing and building the most rugged compound bows with innovative features for extreme hunting and shooting conditions.  Our goal is to continue to push the limits of our engineering team to produce the most advanced and reliable compound bows in the world.

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