Bow Review: Gearhead Archery T24

The GearHead T24 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow is one of the most maneuverable bow chassis around, and at 3.1 pounds it’s certainly the most easily toted payload in archery. But most important, this compound shoots hunting arrows with authority. Those qualities make the T24 a serious hunting bow that’s ideal whether you’re confined to a whitetail treestand or pop-up blind, or hiking the rough- and tumble high-altitude haunts of big elk. In fact, the T24 and every other GearHead bow is small enough to stuff inside a daypack.

The T24’s riser is constructed of twin panels of quasi-isotropic carbon sheet and 36 layers of cross-pattern weave fiber, with both sides separated by four 2.5-inch aluminum pillars and dual-anchoring limb platforms of milled aluminum. The platforms anchor backset, offset split limbs and hold a “freefloating” independent grip and right-to-left convertible rest plate. The rest-mounting plate on the T24 also holds the cable-guard slide and string stop.

The GearHead T24’s dual-point limb-anchoring system aligns the limb pivot points perfectly with the grip, which creates forgiveness and more stability. The rest-mounting plate attaches to the grip/shelf area with three set screws, and converts in minutes without a bow press for right- or left-hand shooting. The T24’s dual-plate riser configuration creates a rigid cage that eliminates flex and vibrations during the shot. So, although the T24 appears radical beyond its short stature, it shoots like a conventional compound bow.

If anything on the T24 is truly radical it’s the unique two-track cam system, which consists of two symmetric, straight-take-up eccentrics that pull through lots of peak and drop into a high-percentile, adjustable let-off deep into the draw cycle. This slightly challenging draw pays off with impressive speeds for such a short bow, especially for a 29-inch draw. Most archers will find plenty of draw-length options between 25 and 29 inches. The T24’s cam system includes a dual-point, rubber-padded limb-stop system that creates a rock-solid back wall. GearHead also integrated string suppressors, and delivers consistent arrows speeds that boost accuracy.

The Carbon Fiber T24 has a string suppressor that also acts as an integrated armguard keeping bulky clothing out of the bowstring’s path. This compound is remarkably quiet out of the box, something whitetail hunters will appreciate. To achieve that trait, two of the riser’s cross-pillars hold BowJax “star” silencers, while the bowstring and buss cables hold four LimbSaver String Leeches, and the carbon cable guard and Teflon-lined cable slide include an integrated drop-away activation-cord tie-off loop.

Shooting the T24 was surprisingly pleasant, even addicting. It gives archers a feeling of control, possibly because it’s so stable and lightweight. GearHead limbs are 100 percent guaranteed for the first five years, and the riser and cams are guaranteed for the life of the original owner.

Please visit GearHead Archery’s website for more information.

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  1. I love them! It has helped me close my groups. I shot a 3inch group at 90 yds and a 2 3/4″ @80. Never did that till I changed my peep. U should give them a try for sure!

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