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Introducing the Barnett Hyper Raptor BCX

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Mar 15, 2024

Introducing the Barnett Hyper Raptor BCX – New for 2024, the Hyper Raptor BCX™ by Barnett® sets the industry standard in crossbow technology, blending premium features, cutting-edge innovation, and top-tier technology to deliver the smoothest, fastest, and most user-friendly shooting experience available! Rooted in over 60 years of unwavering commitment to quality, dependability, precision, and safety, Barnett stands as the original pioneer in the modern-day crossbow, earning the trust of hunters worldwide. Barnett combines everything hunters need in the hard-hitting, lightweight Hyper Raptor BCX.

Lightning-fast speed is one of the many stand-out features of the Hyper Raptor BCX. With a 14-in. power stroke and draw weight of 215 lbs., the crossbow launches a 380-grain HyperFlite™ arrow at 425 FPS. The arrow’s 21% increased FOC (front of center) and 61% greater ballistic coefficient reduces wind drift, making for a deadly combination of blistering speed, downrange accuracy, and deeper penetration. The BCX delivers an impressive 152 ft./lbs. of kinetic energy, this setup leaves nothing to chance.

Superior accuracy for the lifetime of the crossbow was at the forefront of the design. The Hyper Raptor BCX uses self-timing infinity cams, a hunter-friendly feature that improves consistency and accuracy. Pivoting limb pockets boost durability, and the innovative Halo System guarantees balanced string travel for even better precision. Adding a light, crisp, premium TriggerTech™ trigger improves the shooting experience while providing critical anti-dry fire technology — and an extra layer of safety!

Barnett uses advanced materials in the new Hyper Raptor BCX, keeping its weight at 6.9 lbs. Hunters will love the compact profile in the blind or on a stand. It measures 32.5-in. overall and is only 7.25-in. wide from axle to axle when cocked. An adjustable buttstock allows further length of pull customization.

The Hyper Raptor BCX includes premium features Barnett is famous for, including a custom step-through riser, advanced limbs, and a Soft-Lok Bristle Retainer System. The dark gray and black Veil camo finish on the frame and limbs with orange accents on the trigger guard and arrow retainer gives it a distinctive appearance. Integrated string and vibration dampeners on the frame and its fold-down vertical grip minimize the crossbow’s sound and detection during the shot.

Barnett offers the new model Hyper Raptor BCX in one of three optics-mounted packages, including the Buk Ops® Cycloptic-X™ crossbow scope with Primetime Color Vision™ that uses digital technology to enhance what is seen through the scope, Buk Ops X-Factor™ LRF crossbow scope with a built-in angle compensating laser range finder or the Barnett 2-7×36 Precision Reticle scope.

The Hyper Raptor BCX is compatible with HyperFlite arrows or standard diameter arrows with moon nock. The crossbow includes the new quick-detach side-mount quiver bracket, 3-arrow premium quiver, and three HyperFlite 20-in., .204 small-diameter arrows with field points.

Elevate any hunting experience with the powerful Barnett Hyper Raptor BCX.

Hyper Raptor BCX Features:

  • Self-timing Infinity cams
  • Lightweight, crisp TriggerTech trigger w/anti-dry fire mechanism ($200 value)
  • Larger revolutionary Halo cable system for added clearance
  • Patented step-through riser
  • Adjustable length-of-pull buttstock
  • Rope Hold Roller Ball Technology (patent pending) with additional CC groove cord lock
  • Pass-through forend with fold-down vertical grip with vibration dampener and grip plug
  • Integrated string and vibration dampeners
  • Soft-lok floating bristle arrow retainer
  • New quick-detach side-mount quiver bracket and 3-arrow premium quiver
  • Compatible with HyperFlite arrows or standard diameter arrows with moon nock
  • Single bolt assembly
  • Includes: 3 HyperFlite 20-in., .204 small-diameter arrows with field points, premium quick-detach side-mount 3, arrow quiver; lube wax and lens cloth

Hyper Raptor BCX Specs

  • Lightning fast 425 fps arrow speed (using 380gr arrow)
  • Crushing 152fp of kinetic energy
  • Ultra-narrow 7.25-in. axle to axle
  • Compact 32.5-in. length
  • New Lightweight 6.9Ib design
  • Power stroke: 14-in.
  • Draw weight: 215Ib

For more information, please visit WWW.BARNETTCROSSBOWS.COM.

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